In case you haven't noticed/don't live in the realms of Instagram - statement jewellery is back. With a vengeance.

This ain't ya mama's brocade brooches from the 80s, either. These opulent adornments range from tasselled, Versace-esque brightly coloured earrings to layer upon layer of delicate charm necklaces - self-expression through these little details is key. Since I've started experimenting more with these pieces, I've found how much they can really pull together an outfit - so I'm hoping that signposting some of my favourite offerings out there will help inspire you to get a little more adventurous yourselves!

Missoma - Dreamysigh. The one that started the obsession and took my love of white gold and turned it... well. Yellow gold. I am still deeply in love with my Mini Rope Coin necklace from the Lucy Williams x Missoma collection, which my boyfriend kindly gifted me for Christmas. I keep having to hold myself back from adding some mini hoops to join it. Everything on this site is so covetable and I always find myself scouring for a sale or any hint of discount because quality don't come cheap y'all. I've been wearing that necklace almost every day since December and it still looks just as shiny, beautiful and new as when I first got it. Highly recommended.

Rock N' Rose - Sitting more comfortably in my budget now, this lifestyle shop has got it going on at the moment. From straw bags to silk scarves, there's plenty to finish an outfit and give yourself that little 'je ne sais quoi'. I'm in love with the iconography collections on this site, in particular the Magdalene medal and cross double pendant. Think Sienna Miller in the early 00s boho vibes.

& Other Stories - My love for them knows no bounds. I used to shop for very delicate, tiny pieces here, like studs and stacking rings, but lately they've really been nailing the bold jewels. Those chunky hoops pictured are from Stories, and I'm quite frankly in love with these leaf charm earrings, too. They just seem to knock it out of the park with trend pieces at fair quality, that my wallet won't hate me forever for.

Zara - Zara do well with accessories - we've known for years that their footwear and handbag selection is the best place to get high street versions of couture trends - there are about 3 different styles of *that* Cult Gaia bag from last summer. While I wouldn't say the quality was going to last you forever, how does one say no to something this beaut?

Mango - Mango really didn't come to play for the last couple of seasons. I don't know if they've appointed a new design director or what, but their pieces have been some of the most exciting on the high street for a little while now. Their earring selection right now is outrageously beautiful but I am super excited by this simple, but impactful, metal chain necklace.

Oliver Bonas - These guys were on statement jewels before it was a thing, and they haven't let me down in terms of the individual taste level of their selection, and the amazing quality and affordability of the pieces. OB is my favourite on the high street for good reason - I love how they can mix a real wearable art feel with such simplicity and effortlessness - like this necklace.

What jewellers are exciting you right now? I'd really love to find some more independent makers!

Something quite strange happened with this post.

I wasn't going to write it. I actually am consciously choosing not to make content right now, until the internet (or I) decides to even out in terms of content creation and consumption. Right now, perhaps fuelled by a very poignant Hannah Gale post (you'll notice the date of my last blog post and her post coincide) and by more exciting and instantly gratifying options to create on Insta, I've been doing some serious reconsidering about what noise I want to add to this already overcrowded space we have here. What do I want to say, and is it important enough to take up your time?

Then today, I took a photo of some bright spring colours because they were making me happy. Then I sat down to type this because I wanted a place to write down what's been going on in my head. I put on some music that I've been loving lately, and here I am, Easter Monday, taking this as it comes. I might not post every day. I might not post ever again. But if and when I do, I can promise you whatever you find here will be coming from a place of excitement to create, because that is what I feel has been missing for me. I'm hoping that learning how to channel that in a way that makes sense for both me the author, and you the reader, will mean a better experience for all of us - but until then, thank you for your patience and thank you for your precious time.

SEE: There's so much good stuff I've discovered lately, but I feel I'd be totally lying to myself if I didn't share Big Little Lies with you. This has eaten up a good portion of my Easter weekend because it's just so bloody moreish and engulfing - and two words for you? Nicole. Kidman. Jheeeeze, that woman can act. All three women (Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley included) in this drama are mesmerising, but wow. I don't want to say any more about it or ruin it, but you will NOT regret the 9 hours of your life you give to this programme, trust. I'm also off to see Isle of Dogs tonight and I'm so bloody excited. Wes Anderson is one of my absolute favourite directors, the cast list for this is incredible and I just love getting lost in his worlds.

LISTEN: I've really been loving listening to Why Don't You by Cleo Sol, a new discovery for me. The Weeknd also did a bit of a surprise and dropped an EP (it would seem purely for the facilitation of dragging Selena Gomez), and Wasted Times is probably my favourite from it - I think mainly because I am on Bella Hadid's side in this fictitious world where I understand their relationship drama.

GO: Weirdly, the boyf and I have been enjoying settling down with a cuppa and an episode of River Cottage lately, and we've both decided we'd quite like to go to River Cottage HQ in Devon - mostly for the amazing fare, but also to see the beautiful countryside and make a little bit of a roadtrip out of it! They've got a fair on during the late May Bank Holiday and I think we might plan to go!

EAT: I paid a visit to Doughnut Time in Notting Hill last month and I have to say, those were some pretty freaking delicious doughnuts. Soft and gooey dough on the inside, a nice bready flavour but nothing too strong, and seeeriously dangerous toppings. We went for 'Sia Later' and 'Houston, We Have Biscoff' and split them - both were vegan, both were SERIOUSLY indulgent and both were great.

DRINK: Opposite end of the spectrum, a girlfriend and I also visited Jusu Brothers in Notting Hill (granted it was a different day, different mood), and I ended up getting a Kiyomi Queen - cucumber, lemon and pineapple juice - just gorgeous! I highly recommend this place if you're in the area.

WEAR: Slowly slowly all the spring collections are creeping in, and yet nothing is speaking to my soul more right now than this kimono with pom poms from Zara, and this two piece suit from River Island.

READ: For the few days I was in London on business last month, I could not get away from this book. I don't know if they're giving them out for free as a public service or what, but for it to have THAT kind of coverage, I maybe need to look into bagging myself a copy!

THINK: Rekindle. I'm feeling a little burnt out and disconnected from myself, so it's time to do a little downtime work, spend some time offline and with family and fill the tank back up, ready to go in again on all of these creative projects I want to get done!

I caved, and it felt so good. The NARS Wanted palette was in my clutches, one very confused delivery driver and Fabled order later.

On paper, this palette is typical NARS fare - a healthy mix of shimmers and mattes, gorgeous, covetable packaging, and a good selection of colours to lust after. If there's one thing this brand know how to do, it's an eye palette. Upon seeing this on The Anna Edit, I was intrigued, but not RUNNING out to buy this. It wasn't until I swatched it in Space NK that I made the 'awww crap' familiar sound in my head and started calculating how many meals I had left in my freezer to see me through until next payday.

These shades are buttery. They're tightly packed, which means minimum fallout, but nonetheless super pigmented and very easy to apply. Build-able in thin, opaque layers, the colours really come to life as a wash of colour on the eye paired with liner and mascara. I still haven't found a way to work them into an eye look altogether, but perhaps that's because these aren't exactly your mama's eyeshadow colours. Things get real dramatic real fast with this palette, so have a play in the privacy of your own home first and CHECK THE TONES on your eye colour and skin colour. Some of these shades can wash me out a little or make me look a bit jaundice (!!) if I go too heavy with them, and I'm not even a tremendously light skin-tone.

The shades I've gotten the most use out of are the brown/caramel/tan matte shades on the left hand side of the palette (unsurprising) - these are super rich, intense shades and are soft as anything - a dream to work with. My day-to-day work eye is more or less exclusively Seven Heaven now, which is my 'my lids but better' shade. I've also really been loving Satisfaction when I need to open my eyes up, and Shadow Hill if I want something a bit more sultry. I even wore the stunning rich copper/russet La La for a particularly meeting-heavy day and got loads of compliments on it! I've been delighted with using the palette so far.

This isn't to say there aren't plenty of other palettes that can give you a similar effect (in fact, Anna's post above does a pretty good job of rounding those up), nor can I say I've used every shade in the box yet. But give me time...

So, is it worth the hype? Absolutely. Do you need it? No, probably not - but do you care? No, probably not. 

One of my ultimate 'power through an 8 hour workday' hacks? Podcasts.

I've been thinking a lot about work, largely prompted by this article, and how we full-time office types spend our energy in a 40 hour work week. It's such a large amount of your life, isn't it? And however much you might love what you do, that amount of time can be draining. So I try and do whatever I can to keep myself inspired and interested, not just in what I do but also in the work of others that I admire. One of the best ways I can passively take in little bursts of wisdom is through listening to talks whilst I'm firing off emails and doing the less 'think heavy' parts of my job - hence the humble podcast app taking up almost half the storage on my phone. I just love it.

Seeing how quickly the podcast world can change (RIP Filler podcast) and how many new ones are being created all the time, I thought I'd update you as to my current fave listens and why I love 'em so much. Prepare to get SRSLY inspired.

Creative Pep Talk - The best way I can describe the infectious Andy J. Miller is Leonard from the Big Bang Theory but as a seriously wise, really passionate cheerleader for creativity. I love listening to this podcast when I've got somewhere to be, because it literally puts a spring in my step, but then I find myself frustrated that I don't have a notepad and pen because this dude lays down some seriously practical expertise and productive tips. Andy doesn't talk in big concepts or metaphorical language - he gives so much value away for free and listening to his podcast always gets me so excited to just go away and MAKE STUFF and make shit happen. A HUGE must for creatives, people with their own businesses, people hoping to sell their work and make money from it - just go listen. You will definitely get something from this.

Keeping It Candid - Honestly, hanging out with Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton takes me back to my uni days, when all of my best gals were really close by and we could all just hang out and chat whatever we wanted all the time. Some of their topics are more general, but the ones I've found most interesting and helpful have been focused around blogging and Instagram, and the business of working in both. As the name suggests, both girls are 100% honest and upfront about what they discuss, and there's no cutting corners when it comes to things like pitching to brands and getting paid for creative work. A lovely, warm hug of a listen.

The Fringe of It - Talking of lovely warm hugs, if you want one physicalised into audio waves, this next podcast is for you. Hosted by Liv of What Olivia Did and Charlotte Jacklin of Betty Magazine, The Fringe of It deals with everything from defining success to comparison to people pleasing, hosted by two women who don't feel the need to shove the term 'girlboss' down your throat. Their style is down-to-earth, funny, endearing and cosy, making this a favourite for Monday mornings for me, when I'd rather be anywhere else than at my desk. A spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, for sure.

What She Said - Another new one to me, this is hosted by Lucy of Wanderluce, who I've followed on Insta for some time. Lucy has a lovely, easy style and is great at picking topics really relevant to bloggers, with a diverse range of guests to interview, meaning that every week has something new to offer. I'd really recommend it if you've been blogging for a little bit and are looking for some fresh perspectives and new insight.

Everything changed in February.

Well, not everything; but I moved, I started learning how to drive, the days and nights started getting lighter, we took a window out of an apartment building to make our furniture fit (!!), I auditioned for a lead role in a musical, I lost out on a lead role in a musical, I went to see Bon Iver for a second time and realised in a moment that all pleasure is too fleeting to enjoy without sadness, my best friend turned 30, my boyfriend got a desk - a lot has been happening in my tiny world.

And in the bigger world, everything changed in February. Through horrific circumstances which could have, should have, been avoided; Emma Gonzalez's voice became the heroic battlecry of a generation. Stormzy threw all fucks to the wind and called out Theresa May and the Daily Mail onstage and on live TV. The Beast from the East came to knock down our doors. Evil bred in the most unsuspected of places. For such a short month, February packed a hell of a punch.

I arrive at March inspired. I feel restless with wanting to make things - do something with my hands, write something, fold away another corner of our new home until it fits us like our old one did. I'm trying to slot our life into this new phase like a jigsaw, working out where the rough edges aren't sitting together right. But then I find when I dig a little deeper into resistance, there's nothing to be that worried about. Things are flowing at the moment - sometimes faster than I can cope with and sometimes differently than I imagined, but flow is present. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is slow down to notice the ride you're on.

If you find yourself ready for spring, here's all the happy things we can do this month to welcome it home;

SEE: I watched (and loved) The Book of Life this month and would 100% recommend. It looks suspiciously similar to Coco which came out after it, but no tea no shade - this is just a beautiful film which will give you all the feelings. Talking of the T, henny - I hope you're all watching RPDR All Stars Season 3 - who are you betting to win this season? SHE DONE ALREADY DONE HAAAAD HERSES.

LISTEN: Frank Ocean blessed us with Moon River on Valentine's Day this year, then Janelle Monae blessed us with Django Jane and Make Me Feel (!!), but I'd be lying if I didn't say that Bon Iver has been on my mind non-stop since seeing them this Sunday. One of my favourite songs is 715 CREEKS and this version was the one we saw. You can hear how silent and focused the crowd is - the atmosphere was so electric in the room. If you're one of the lucky people with tickets for the remaining Hammersmith Apollo gigs - I am SO jealous of you, with it all to come.

GO: I think the chap and I might be planning a lil' cheeky Easter trip to Dorset and who could say no to that beauts coastline? We still haven't done a big walk to the Durdle Door and that's pretty high up on my list - I just love this part of the country, and there's nothing like a bit of sea air to soothe the soul, is there?

EAT: Strictly speaking, I guess this is a read(?), but I've been loving cooking (and eating!) every dish out of The Roasting Tin, which is a rare thing - a recipe book which is both strikingly beautiful and uncompromisingly simple-to-follow/uncomplicated. We tried the Chicken, Chickpea and Chorizo stew last night and wow. 

DRINK: I can tell you what not to drink, and that is white wine - I've had one too many acidic-induced headaches this month, and I'm thinking white wine is not the one for me anymore. Plus side, I have been absolutely loving Morning Kick from Bluebird (who else?!) to help me get over any alcohol-induced/sleep-deprived fug.

WEAR: It's an odd thing to say, but I have an insatiable craving for hoop and statement earrings this month. Top of my list? This pair from Missoma. More likely to make it into my collection? This pair from & Other Stories.

READ: This long read from The Guardian about 'The World' project in Dubai made me both immensely nostalgic for the Dubai I knew growing up, and also hugely sad for what it has become. Please don't misunderstand that statement - I have neverending love for Dubai - I consider it home. But reading this really typified how it does itself such a huge disservice in its own greed or, as those invested in realising their own agendas might call it, its 'ambition'.

THINK: Channel. Trying to pick up on these creative, inspired, free-flowing vibes, spread that good feeling on to others and manifest it into something tangible. I'll report back!
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