Since my family live around 3500 miles away from me, I'm no stranger to a long-haul flight. I do the 7 hour each way trip to Dubai at least once a year and whilst I'm super lucky to be able to do that, those who fly regularly will tell you about the toll that length of flight can take on your body and skin if you don't look after yourself.

After this particular trip and flying home on Saturday, I've suffered a little worse than usual with jet lag and post-flight 'ickyness' which has me craving some extra TLC - especially in the skin department. When we landed, despite dosing up twice on my Origins Drink Up Intensive mask (I swear by this for long haul flights, btw), my skin was parched, blotchy and red/angry looking. After going through my usual cleansing routine, here are the steps I followed to get my skin Monday morning ready:

I'm not one for advocating taking sleeping pills but those facing a massive time difference and suffering with jet lag? Needs must. Tired skin looks sallow, drained of colour and dry, so sleep deprivation is a big enemy for getting yourself looking and feeling good as new again. I take a Kalms Night One-A-Night as it's herbal and quite gentle when I'm winding down for bed - with heading to Dubai, I usually wake up hours before I mean to which can mean I'm drained before my working day has even started. Taking one of these helps me to sleep through as long as I can and rest up so my body can recover!

I'm sure it must get boring to hear, but the amount that you get dehydrated on a plane is serious stuff. At comfortable levels, the humidity in our air supply is between 40 and 70%. On a plane? 20% humidity. This means your eyes, nose, throat, skin - everything is functioning at minimum 20% less moisture than comfortable. I always make sure to carry bottles of water with me on a flight as well as asking for two drinks every time the stewardesses come around with their bar service (yeah, I'm THAT person that needs to pee all the time on planes), but for days afterwards I can feel the effects on my body, so I always make sure to keep a big bottle of water close at hand.

Sheet masks are a strange and wonderful thing - I can't think of any single product which delivers quite so much saturation in one hit. I'm a big fan of the Sephora sheet masks and to combat my post-plane pallor, I went for their nourishing and repairing Avocado mask, as well as the brightening Green Tea under eye patches to make sure any dark, dry circles were a thing of the past. Whilst in Dubai I also nabbed this Dr. Jart Hydration Reset mask on a recommendation from a friend, and I'd received this Farmacy Deep Moisture mask in a gift-with-purchase earlier in the year - great timing, hey? I'm hoping with this all-star line-up over the next few days, my skin should be back to normal by mid-week!

It goes without saying that nourishing yourself with goodness is important always, but I'd say to avoid too many carb-heavy, dairy-heavy products after you've flown long-haul. Not just for your skin's sake, but also your stomach and intestines do bloat during flights. Make sure you're topping up on your fresh fruits and veggies, but also supplementing your diet with natural diuretics like green tea and foods rich in vitamin B.

I hope these tips help - and hello again! I really enjoyed my two weeks 'off' on holiday and there will be plenty of Dubai content soon, but I thought I'd get this posted while it was fresh on my mind - if you need me, I'll be under a pile of masks...

I'm not often so glowing in my reviews that I have to start off a post this way, but THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I feel like I should preface today's post with this blogger standard because I am about to fangirl. Hard. Sry not sry.

Last week, I stopped into Spitalfields to pick up some new glasses at what I thought was Bailey Nelson, which has actually now been rebranded to Ollie Quinn. I'd seen a couple of their stores in passing through London previously, and from what I saw of the frames on social media, I was intrigued. The minimalist, modern designs with interesting frame patterns and textures had caught my eye, as well as the polished, pared back branding of the stores. The other big draw for me was the price tag - £98 for frames and lenses - glasses-wearers amongst us will know how much lenses can rack up when they're not included in the price of the frame.

From the second I walked instore, Suzie at the Spitalfields branch was sunny, friendly and helpful without being over-attentive. She even let me put down the heavy bag I was carrying in the corner of the shop, and encouraged me to try on every frame until I found the perfect fit! She also pointed out how important it was to try your frames on in different mirrors in store to see what they'd look like in different light. I'd never really considered it before but, duh, makes total sense. After an uncrowded, relaxed and really enjoyable try-on session, I begrudgingly settled on just one frame - the Mumma C's, in the shade Galaxy. I could just as easily have picked up the MJs too, they were so gorgeous! 

The process was so easy - I paid for my frames instore, but Suzie ordered them to be delivered to my home address. She was also kind enough to put a rush order on them for me as I was travelling in just over a week, but she did explain that their usual turnaround time was 5 to 10 working days, so I wasn't expecting anything. Suzie explained that I could pay instore even though I didn't have my prescription, I would just need to email it to their customer service team once I got home. I did it that night, and their friendly operators let me know the next day that they'd received it.

I got little email updates at every stage of my glasses' journey, but to my surprise, just over a week after ordering them, a parcel turned up at 8:35 am, with a handwritten note from the team saying they hoped I enjoyed my new specs! I couldn't be more delighted with the glasses themselves - they are so sharp, and the frame and lenses feel so well-made and sturdy. I also adore the packaging - the hard case feels really durable but also looks attractive, all in keeping with that same minimalist branding. I don't often rant for four paragraphs about any one thing but guys - these are so beautiful!

I can't recommend the whole team behind Ollie Quinn and the glasses themselves enough. If you guys live in England, be sure to check out their site and see what you think! Oh, and if you wanted to see mine? Fill your boots. 

GUYS IT'S SPRING. I'm sure you're already sick of me talking about it like 5000 times but just get on board - warmer weather is finally here, this week I'm switching out my heavy winter jumpers for lighter summer clothes (you always take a gamble on the time to do this in England, but I'm hoping I've made a good decision here)... Everything just feels a lot lighter and happier. Magnolia and cherry blossoms are absolutely everywhere, we've started talking meandering spring walks again and the cups of tea are being swapped for lemonades.

This month sees us off on holiday to Dubai for a big chunk of April, which couldn't have come at a better time. I'm starting a new job within my company that's gonna be a lot more responsibility and is a big step up for me - I'm ready and excited for the challenge, but some time to recharge my batteries in the sun sounds just right. J and I have been sending excited WhatsApps back and forth planning out our 'must dos' and things we can't wait for, and I'm hoping to get some great content for you guys while I'm out there too. In the meantime... Here are my picks for the month ahead!

SEE: This is going to break my heart because I'm not in the country for the screenings and I don't think I can watch live in Dubai, but Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is one of the funniest plays I've ever read and I'm sure the NT Live version will be hilarious and worth a watch. Plus - Daniel Radcliffe!

LISTEN: Of course I'm about to give More Life a mention because this mixtape sounds like a summer holiday - particularly of note are Blem, Madiba Riddim, Get It Together and my absolute favourite, Passionfruit. Expect a butt ton of quotes from this Drake drop to start appearing on Insta. Play the 'which songs are about Rihanna' game. On heavy rotation as well has been Chanel by Frank Ocean - I don't even want to comment on him bringing out so much new material just in case it goes away. I'm just going to bask in the glory of it all.

GO: To Copenhagen! My girl Jaye recently went and her Instagram has been giving me all the wanderlust and travel envy. How can one country be so well put-together and perfect looking? And DEM PASTRIES DOE.

EAT: I have become obsessed with Oppo ice cream. Totally obsessed. It's so delicious and only 38 calories a scoop, and the salted caramel flavour is just a dream. I did enjoy the chocolate mint as well but, thankfully, my boyfriend and I differ in our favourites so there isn't a spoon showdown situation when we buy it. I really want to try the vanilla flavour too! GO OUT AND BUY IT. It's so yum.

DRINK: Hate to be a basic bitch, but the burnt caramel latte has been where it's at for me this month. I have it without the whip but with the syrup, which seems to baffle people. I just don't need the cream guys, okay? Soz.

WEAR: Narrowing this down to one thing is a difficult task this month, but I have fallen in love with this dress at Topshop and if loving it is wrong I don't want to be right. I do wish it was in a lighter colour or a fab print, but I'm justifying it as versatile because navy is basically a staple.

READ: My mum did her usual babein' thing of buying me some new reads ready for my new job, and one of them was You Are A Badass, which makes me smile every time I look at it. I'm thinking this will be my holiday read alongside my bookclub book, because sun lounger time is my most productive, reading-wise.

THINK: Less. I want to focus again on getting out of my head this month - I got really good at this during November last year and slowly slowly the anxiety has been creeping back again, so it's time to practice more yoga, do more meditation and get back into quieting my thoughts and practicing that actively. I hope you guys have a beautiful month ahead.

I'm jetting off on my holidays soon and when I'm away, nothing makes me happier than having some miniature versions of my favourite products to keep me looking fly AF~ while I'm gone. We've come a long way from the days of tiny little bottles of Herbal Essences, so I thought I'd round up some of the picks you can get in travel-friendly sizes which I think would be particularly useful for a sunny destination. I've kept things light and simple, with a few picks for hydration on the plane ride over. PS - apologies to my UK brethren that so many Sephora products feature, but the US do travel-size better than us. Go figure.

For all pins tanned and beautiful, I've heard great things about the This Works Perfect Legs Sculpt and Shine, which is a lightly tinted moisturiser that builds up an even tan on legs - start applying a week before you go to build up that base colour. I've also selected this bundle from Coola on Cult Beauty - which contains an SPF 30 for face and body, an aftersun lotion for post-beach recovery and an SPF lip balm, because if there's one thing I always forget to protect in the sun, it's my poor little pout.

Moving on to the essentials, this Lavanila is the best healthy deodorant I've tried - the one most likely to stave off pong from the pits, but also very moisturising, gentle, easy to use and with a pleasing scent. It's still not as strong as those deodorants containing aluminium, but if the main plan is lying out poolside, you should be absolutely fine! I also selected picks from Farmacy - this value set seems like a great way to explore the brand's offering - and The Ordinary buffet serum, which I've heard so many good things about. Very handily all of their products are under £20 and under 100ml - genius.

Whilst in transit, it's always good to have some extra doses of hydration, so here are some fail safes that have seen me through long-haul flights in the past. The Caudelie Beauty Elixir spritzed over the face is one of my little indulgences - it calms me down if I'm feeling a little anxious about flying, and it also feels amazing on the skin when followed up by a hydrating mask like the Sisley Black Rose. I'm well aware this mask is extortion but after you've tried it? You can only recommend it. A good budget version is the Origins Drink Up, which I always rave about.

These Instant Wake Up eye masks from the Estee edit look great - can we have ours please, US? They look great for pepping up during landing or taxiing in to the airport you've arrived at if you need to get off the plane and go. If you're looking for extra get-up-and-go, nothing works like some shut eye on the plane, and I'd recommend a sleep mask to really help zone out and rest. This one from Soak and Sleep is right on trend with the blush pink vibes, and is on sale right now! No-brainer.

For hair care, I think sea salt can do wonders to hair tied up in a top knot, and these invisibobbles are super gentle on hair that might be taking a lot of heat from the sun. This travel-size Wet Brush is as cute as it is useful and space-saving, perfect for damp, post-pool hair. A texturising spray like this one from Ouai should help play up those beachy waves and give you that gorgeous 'undone' look.

Finally, make up picks, and I'm so sorry UK girls - a lot of these are Sephora, but damn their range is awesome! The tartelette tease looks like such a versatile mini palette from Tarte, with shimmer and matte shades all in a beautiful blush colour mood. Pair with a mini Better Than Sex mascara for flirty lashes far from basic. This mini NARS concealer will keep you looking fresh no matter how jet-lagged you feel, and the Make Up lockdown travel duo from Urban Decay will keep eyeshadow and face make up place even if things get super sweaty! These two lippies from Bite Beauty also make a perfect pairing for multiple occasions - a more taupey nude and a fuller, rose colour take you from daytime shopping trips to dinnertime by the sea. Oh Sephora, when will we know your joys on our shores?

And there you have it! A quick trip around the world of 100ml or less beauty, ready for your carry on. Are you jetting off anywhere soon? Have you tried any of these picks? Let me know!

Well suddenly, it's spring! Apologies for the radio silence last week - I had some exciting work projects going on offline (more to come soon!) and that took up pretty much all of my time, but I'm delighted to be back to scheduled programming now! I thought I'd take you through a couple of books I've finished up recently as you guys seemed to like the January edition of this post, and although my pace of getting through books has slowed as work and the weather have picked up, I see a lot of holiday reads in my future. Nothing sounds better to me right now than a sun lounger and a reading list! Anyway, on with the books...


Margaret Atwood

This was a book club read and was pretty divisive actually! We all agreed we enjoyed it, but there was a lot wrong with it. It's a dystopian (of course) comedy novel which was written online in a series and then made into a whole book, which I think speaks to some of its pacing problems. However it's still thrilling and pretty hard to put down in places once it kicks off, and the creepy reality Atwood places her protagonists Charmaine and Stan in is both eerily possible and also total fantasy stuff. I wish there had been a little more character development, but I absolutely loved the ending, which I think won me over. I'd recommend this book to anyone simply because I want to know what more people thought of it! I'm still to-ing and fro-ing in my mind.

Jessie Burton

Oh man, I loved this book so much. Historical fiction + romance + strong female leads + art references = Tami will love your book. This book is what would happen if 'The Night Circus' and 'Girl With A Pearl Earring' hooked up and had a baby - the prose is beautiful - both cinematic and sprawling, very immersive, and very colourful. Some of the patois dialect is a little cringe, but mostly I found the protagonists of Odelle and Olive to be easy enough to buy into, although slightly Mary Jane-ish at times. The one thing I love about Jessie's writing is how well she does dialogue, and how simply she tells a story. I don't know if it's because she comes from an acting background (now you understand my bias) but she really does a beautiful job of economy in her words. She is both vividly descriptive but also really well-paced which, for saying this is only her second novel, is really impressive. This was miles better than 'The Miniaturist' which I also really enjoyed, so I can't wait to see what Jessie does next!


Zadie Smith

Graham Green

Laura Bates

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