July was a month all about travelling, from minibreaks to family holidays, I was all over the place and rarely out of a suitcase.

Most of what I used regularly had to be compact enough to fit into my travel make up bag, which has become this Glossier pouch (I know, you can say it - basic). So this really is the cream of the crop for me - everything I need to take my tired face from blah to beauts.

As July was a somewhat sunny month, I stuck pretty religiously to my It! Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC cream with SPF 50. I use the shade Light and blend it in with a Beauty Blender, doing those little quick bounces all over my face, and making sure to blend into my neck and ears. What I end up with is a seamless, lit-from-within but matte finish on the face, that really does look like skin. It works really well for me for everyday and office make up.

Now that I've repurchased my NARS creamy concealer in Vanilla, using this every day is a joy. There's nothing like a fresh restock of your favourites, is there? This brightens up my undereyes like nothing else and blends out like a dream. If t'ain't broke, right?

My MAC eyeshadow palette has been a solid favourite for so long now, but let me talk you through how I use the four shades. Satin Taupe is my go-to for more smokey evening looks, or a wash of strong colour on the eyes if I'm going for a more 60s mod look in the office. Soba is an incredible olivey/gold-y shade which looks amazing if I'm doing a brown-toned lip for a strong 90s vibe. All That Glitters is my every day, lifesaver shade. If I don't want to think about my make up, this is what I've got on my eyes. And finally Saddle, which I use through my crease if I want to deepen any of the looks above and give a little more dimension to the eye. I adore them all - still, even now. And yes, I did DROP MY PALETTE AND CRACK TWO SHADES. Sobs.

The Cover Girl Clump Crusher in Black is the best everyday mascara I could recommend - separating, lifting, not clumpy at all and very awakening to the eyes - this gets me through early starts at work and makes me look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

A funny little gem of a product is the Bite Beauty multistick in Almond - I love using this as a cream blush, but I equally loved it as a lip stain, although it was a little drying for my tastes. It blends beautifully though and does do a great job of creating a natural flush and even a teeny bit of contour to the cheekbones. Fine by me gurl.

Finally, this lipstick. Oh Charlotte Tilbury, how you understand me. You understand that I want a my lips but better colour that's going to camouflage to my perfect nude, but also make my lips look fuller and plumper. You know I want a matte finish that's going to stick around, but it smoothly applied and comfortable to wear. And you know I want dat shiny, heavy rose gold packaging. I can't say anything bad about Pillow Talk. It is my perfect everyday shade. Thank you, CT, for getting me.

What has made your everyday make up cut lately?

Hello, my name is Tamira and I'm a stationery addict.

These kinds of hauls are my modus operandi, so I'm sure I'm not surprising anyone with this baby haul today. I visited Papersmiths in Bristol recently (papped here on my Instagram), and basically found my own personal Nirvana, so I wanted to bring this fantastically styled store to everyone's attention, and shout out the pretties I got.

I'm a long-time fan of The Gentlewoman and have been meaning to pick up the Sophia Coppola edition for a while now - I spotted this and Kinfolk, both being regulars of mine and both being the last copies on the shelves. It was kismet. One of the things I love so much about both of these, aside from the hugely aesthetically pleasing look and feel of them, is the pace of how they read. A lot of women's monthlies or glossies have quite a fast-paced, shouty feel to them. Everything on the page is competing for your attention and spending power. Because the focus of these magazines isn't solely commercial, there's a lot of white space and a lot of breath around the content. It's like a three course meal rather than a quick bite from McDs. Both are fine in their own rights, but one feeds your soul.

I'd like everyone to know it's possible to fall in love with a notebook and I have found my One - this Appointed textured notebook is going to be my blog and freelance bullet journal lite. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to commit to a BuJo just yet but I figure with the squared pages in this I can give the basic system a try and see if it works for me. The weight, feel and paper quality of this make it such a joy to use. Highly recommend!

And finally, perhaps most excitingly - we are off to Rome! So of course, I had to pick up the millennial pink adorned Wallpaper guide to the city - irritatingly, I do want the little collection of these in all of their Pantone colours, lined up on my bookshelf. I just am a marketer's dream, aren't I? Such a sucker for a beautiful spine.

Anyway, that was all from my whirlwind trip around Papersmiths! If you're visiting Brizzle or you're anywhere near Box Park, they've just opened an outlet in London and I would NOT be missing out on all the paper-y goodness, if I were you. Just look how cute their totes are!

Well that was a cute little disappearing act I did, huh!

If you're still out there - thank you! - and sorry that July ran away with me. Historically, it does have a tendency to do that. My birthday, family visiting, wedding season and weekend plans with friends mean that I do tend to let things get a little hectic during July, and now I find myself in that strange position of saying 'somehow it's August!'. Here we are, and what a tumultuous start this month has had already in the UK. With blustery winds and rainfall likening more to mid-autumn than late summer, August has been a little confusing already. But! I'm optimistic. We're heading into another month with a long weekend (yay!), more Game of Thrones (double yay! are you guys loving it?), and the last little hurrahs of summer weather (I hope?). August, I won't give up on you, if you don't quit on me.

Here on the blog, I'm excited for what the content calendar holds, and I've also given the place a little refresh - I'd definitely outgrown the old layout and I'm hoping this new look heralds in some of the exciting plans I've got for TGG. Keep your eyes peeled!

But for now, let's get into making plans and what to look forward to this month - isn't this the best part?

SEE: I'm ridiculously excited to be seeing Dunkirk this Sunday. I'm sure it's not going to be an easy watch, but Christopher Nolan is one of my favourite directors and the fact that the soundtrack is Hans Zimmer again is just top notch. Expecting all of the Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy feels all over again. Plus Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy is maths I like.

LISTEN: I've had a couple of things on repeat this month but the new HAIM album is a bop (this cover is freaking genius) and I've been obsessed with The Story of OJ, too. To all the people lucky enough to have seen Frank Ocean this summer: I hate you and am eternally jealous.

GO: One marked on my 'to visit' list this month is the stunningly beautiful Sezincote House - have you ever seen such a pretty building? It really reminds me of the Royal Pavillion in Brighton and the gardens look absolutely incredible. Also, if you're in my neck of the woods, don't miss out on the complete Insta opportunity that is Cotswold Lavender.

EAT: Random but true, these Graze Honey & Oat protein bites got me through some very testing food drought inducing family trips during July. I don't know where I would have been were it not for their delicious, energy-giving properties. They also survived a total downpour in my open bag, and weren't even slightly soggy. Win.

DRINK: New to me, but has anyone else tried the Skinny Colada at Bills because HOLY TOLEDO that will get you lit up like a Christmas tree on minimal calories with added pineapple-y coconut-ty deliciousness. Two thumbs up. Also on my scrummy list this month? Bluebird Strawberry Lemonade tea. Unmissable.

WEAR: I am lusting after nothing in the way that I am lusting after this beautiful sundress for my holiday to Rome in September. I just want to flounce around feeling like Audrey Hepburn. Is that so much to ask?! Also, Mad Men bingeing with the bf has meant that I'm totally obsessed with Joanie Clothing. Full review incoming, but sneak preview: Fit? 10/10. Quality? 10/10. Style: 10/10.

READ: My mum is preddyyyyy sneaky and bought me Artful and How To Be Both by Ali Smith for my birthday (thanks mama!) so both of those are on my 'to read if I get a spare 5 seconds' list.

THINK: This month's word is going to be joy. I want to live a month trying to get as much happiness and gratitude as I can out of my every day. I'm sure it'll be a challenge to put cynicism on the back-burner for a little while but I don't find it helpful when I'm trying to get a lot of personal goals reached and looking forward positively. Let's see how it pans out!

There are some places that feel like home, no matter where in the world you are.

And then there are some places that feel like the home you'd love to come home to every day. Mr. Hanbury's Mason's Arms, also known as the Artist's Residence Oxfordshire, is one such place.

I was lucky enough to visit the Artist's Residence on the eve of my birthday last week, whisked away after work to a pub dinner at this idyllic little inn in the countryside (a staycation for us really, as it was a super-handy 20 minute drive from home!). The food and relaxed atmosphere (and FOOD) won me over quickly - I had the house burger and J the beer battered hake and chips, both of which were fantastic. We ate outside in the setting evening sun, warmed further by pints of local lager and cider - if you ever find yourself in a pub in the Cotswolds, ask for Freedom! You won't be disappointed.

After a lazy wander around the grounds and a meander at the vegetable patch, we decided to trot down the road and back, before heading upstairs to our loft room. We had a note left on our room that this was a birthday celebration and the room selected of the five at the property didn't disappoint at all - airy, bright, decorated with humour and style - as soon as we walked in we were picking out all the bits and pieces we'd want in our own future home.

And the devil really is in the detail, the bits and pieces - locally procured snacks, the arran wool throw on the bed and the fluffy pillows and thick towels - right down to the Dyson Airblade to keep the room cool because the old inn had no AC! And then... there was the bathroom.

Roll top bath deep enough to swim in, rainfall shower with subway tiles, and spa-worthy Bramley bath products made this one of the most relaxing evenings in I've ever had. I ran myself a hot, long bubble bath, face mask'd up, and settled in with a podcast. Blissful.

It's also worth mentioning we had a deep, uninterrupted sleep, but our room did overlook the pub gardens - whilst this was a week night and the noise didn't bother us at all, I can't say that this would be the case at the weekend. That being said, the night was the best sleep I've had in a while, and waking up to an included(!) full English breakfast with tea on tap and fresh orange juice meant that I went home a very giddy Tami. This was bar-none one of the best overnight stays I've had full stop, let alone in Oxfordshire, and definitely one to put on your to-visit list if Oxford or the Cotswolds are in your travel plans. Now, when can I move in?

It's here. IT IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH. I hope the bunting and champagne are ready but most of all, I hope there is to be cake. To be honest with you, I'm typing this a day or so after some pretty extravagant birthday celebrations have already taken place, so I'm feeling a bit like a quiet couple days before my big day this Friday. I'll be turning 29 - 29!! - the last birthday of my twenties. And even though that's a daunting thought, and maybe even a sad one, I'm excited for what's to come. Your twenties, especially your late twenties, can feel like the most awkward, painful, and amazing growing pains as you become who you are, the adult you're going to be. For the first time, maybe ever, but definitely since leaving home, I feel like I know who that is, that I'm happy with where I'm at and where I'm going, and I know I can count on myself to navigate what's ahead.

Summer is well and truly here in the UK, with heatwaves, downpours and 13 degree days all jumbled in to the hodge-podge that is this time of year. July and August are usually amongst my favourite months, not least because weekends are full of plans and most of them are celebratory! It's also the time of year I get to see my parents and that is really precious. Most of all I look forward to long evenings reading, after work giggling in beer gardens and finding the time to catch up with old friends in London. It's going to be a hell of a month!

SEE: Sorry not sorry for the basic bitch answer, but there is only Game of Thrones for me this month. We have been waiting over a year and now, at long last, the new season is only a few weeks away. I had a nightmare the other night that the first episode wasn't that good, that's how anxious I am for it. 

LISTEN: Things I was not expecting in June - 4.44 to be released, and for it to be what it is. I've also been totally obsessed with Biking (surprise surprise) and the new HAIM video

GO: There's a new address in town I'm dying to try - the Artist's Residence Oxfordshire which is over in South Leigh - a dreamy little country pub, restaurant and hotel which is nestled in a lovely little spot of green, perfect for a weekend staycation of relaxing! 

EAT: In June I was so lucky to get to spend a couple of weekends unexpectedly with my parents, and after a long day in the sun at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, we stopped off in Burford for some food at The Mermaid in Burford, which was a nice spot for a Sunday roast and a tipple!

DRINK: I have become a coffee drinker. In the space of a month. And now I find that I can't quite wake up without one. I know - bad habit. But in the summer, is there actually anything better than a Jimmys iced coffee to pep your morning? No, basically. 

WEAR: I did end up buying a birthday dress, and it was this one from Topshop - the fit is incredible, it's so comfy and it looks banging on. Can't ask for any more than that!

READ: As part of my book club last month I picked up (and devoured) Autumn by Ali Smith, which has become one of my favourite books of all time. Full review coming soon, but get your hands on it as soon as you can - it's masterful. I can't wait to go and pick up 'How To Be Both', as this was my first venture into her work and I JUST loved it!

THINK: Lift. I feel a bit of a picking up of myself is necessary and finally think I have the headspace to get 'er done. Time to look forward, get stuck in to everything ahead of me and relish all of the time I have to make things happen that I love to be a part of. Hopefully, now, the only way is up.
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