As the seasons get colder and heating comes on, naturally my skin decides to play up a bit and go a little haywire. As I've gotten older my skin has changed in general, but it still tends to get very dry and dull when the winter months come along. September and October are also dreadful months for allergies for me, so that's an interesting element to throw into the mix. Usually I'll wake up with super dry, irritated and itchy eyes, and very dry lips. Real cute when you're stumbling around in darkness, trying to make yourself look presentable for work. Cheers, genes!

So, first up on the roster is a fairly new (to me) discovery - this Boots Botanics All Bright Eye Roll-On*. I'm actually working with Botanics over on Instagram for the next year, but this review and what I'm about to say is entirely unsponsored - the partnership is purely for Insta, but I didn't want to not share this with you guys! When I received this I gave it a good go and found that this actually does wonders for my hayfever-y, inflamed skin around my eyes first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The cool rollerball feels amazing but very gentle, and the hibiscus extract really helps to depuff and calm down any irritation around my eyes. I would absolutely repurchase and pay money for this as the results were more or less immediate! A great one to try if you, like me, suffer with puffy eyes in the autumn.

A staple for dry, cracked lips, as well as generally chapped and sore skin on my face (this is amazing on dry and cracked noses after a cold!) is my Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. No fuss and no frills, this stuff is just good at what it does - it's a silky smooth, pleasantly thick but not gloopy balm which sorts parched and delicate skin out in one treatment. I am never without this stuff and it's a staple in my night time skincare routine as an overnight treatment for my lips.

Another ride or die product for my is my Hydraluron serum, which I've spoken plenty about over the years, but it bears repeating - this serum helps treatments sink into my skin like nothing else. I don't tend to use it over summer, but in autumn and winter I apply this right after toning and before my night cream, and where my night cream could sometimes sit on my skin and be a little irritating in how heavy it was post-cleanse, Hydraluron just helps to make everything work better on the surface of my skin and make sure everything gets absored. A lifesaver I couldn't be without.

Finally, my absolute favourite face mask right now - maybe ever! The Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Mask acts like a reset button for my face - it gives me baby, bouncy, glowing skin every time. A pink clay mask, it both cleans out pores and detoxifies, as well as moisturising and softening skin. It never completely dries down and hardens and doesn't really give you a 'tight' feeling, but it is tightening and uplifting, and when you remove this it kind of emulsifies into a thick moisturiser, which then comes off to reveal glowing, plump skin beneath. I don't understand how she does it, but Charlotte? THANK YOU, BABES.

What products make your transitional must-have list?

If there's one thing I love more than a relax in a hot bath on a Sunday evening, it's a relax in a Lush bath bomb-filled hot bath on a Sunday evening. Yes, you may well say that paying an average of £5 per bath in order to sit in essential oil-filled heaven is slightly extravagant but yknow what? I work hard, self care is important, and I am ready and willing to TREAT MASELF. Here's what I stocked up on most recently...

Now, LUSH Oxford was a little bit under-stocked on the ol' Halloween offerings, but I sense that is because there is a super swish new LUSH opening in the new Westgate centre later this month (expect more to come on this!). Still, the staff were as lovely as ever and I stocked up on a couple of new to me bits and a couple of solid faves to see me through until then.

Pumpkin, £4.25: How could I say no to this cute lil fella? The main scents in this bath bomb are vanilla absolute, sweet cinnamon and citrus, so this literally smells like delicious baking. Pimento berry oil gives you antioxidant properties in your long soak, and the sweetness evoked by the vanilla makes this a comforting, delicious scent.

Monster's Ball, £4.50: If anyone wants to know what a unicorn bubble bath would look like, pick up this bath bomb. It's a gorgeous gooey mess of pink, purple and sparkle, scented with lime and neroli, so a real uplifting scent. Olibanum oil and Himalayan rock salt I'm sure will do wonderful things for your skin texture and purely superficially, is this not just one of the coolest looking bath bombs ever?

Cheer Up Buttercup, £2.95: A classic for a reason, I picked this up because September was a really unnecessarily stressful month and I wanted something I could count on to help my skin and my state of mind. I love the lemon, lime and neroli for uplifting my mood, and the cocoa butter in the bath bomb really soothes any irritated skin I have on my arms and legs. A really good one for the current transitional season we're in - not quite rich enough for winter, but definitely more soothing than an entirely citrus-y and oil-based bath.

Snow Fairy, £4.95: The most expensive of the bunch, and one from the Christmas range (I know it's too early but I couldn't resist) - this bomb was new to me, and is actually a jelly bomb, which is a consistency I haven't tried before. I've actually used this before writing the post, so let me give you guys a little review - the jelly texture is completely weird, but actually a little bit genius for moisturising and water-softening properties. If you live in an area with particularly hard water, look into jelly bombs for a much more kind bath to sensitive skins. As for the scent, it is perfectly candyfloss-y and Snow Fairy-ish, but the amount of 'ates' in the ingredients list for this product makes me worry. I trust LUSH as a company and their ethical practices completely though, and my skin hasn't reacted badly at all to this, but something to be aware of if you have concerns around reactions to certain ingredients.

1. Switch out your summer wardrobe for your autumn one, or have a closet declutter.

2. Give yourself an at-home mani and pedi. Barefoot in Barcelona is a favourite dusky nude, whilst I absolutely love Ready to Boa for this time of year.

3. Start a bullet journal - or an Erin Condren planner.

4. Curl up with a good book and a huge mug of tea.

5. Watch an old black and white movie - I'd recommend starting with Some Like It Hot.

6. Revamp your CV and/or business card, personal website, LinkedIn page. Make sure you're giving the best impression of yourself and your career - you never know who's looking!

7. Make an epic playlist, or scroll through some of your custom made/premade playlists on Apple Music or Spotify.

8. Bake something in a loaf tin - ideally this chocolate peanut butter banana bread.

9. Put a YouTube playlist on and deep clean your home - hey, when else are you gonna clean the oven and wash the cushion covers?

10. Catch up on your favourite podcasts - here are some of mine.

11. Host a potluck movie afternoon - everyone brings a dish and a DVD, you all vote on what movie to watch and dig in to everyone's cooked treats!

12. Make cookies - just because cookies.

13. Check in with your goals or write some new ones! I always find rainy days the ones where I'm pondering and pottering about the house with my thoughts. Turn that energy into something productive!

14. Open up a bottle of wine or make some hot toddies and share with a buddy (or keep all to yourself!)

15. Teach yourself something new - a colleague at work yesterday told me she's teaching herself how to code! Insane. But there's a ton of information out there - whether it's a Skillshare class or a YouTube tutorial - find your bliss!

16. Slow it down with some deep breathing and meditation - light some candles, get into the zone and chill. the. eff. out.

17. Take a Pilates class - this lady doesn't screw around. I used to have her MTV Pilates dvd and it was serious stuff.

18. Give your furniture a shift around and rejig your environment. A change up of your space can really help blow out the cobwebs and give you a jolt of inspiration.

19. Put your wellies on, grab an umbrella and head to a forest for a long walk. Nobody said you had to hide from the rain indoors! Unless it's torrential, in which case... Just make a pot of tea and get yourself a hot water bottle. No one needs that.

20. Make a batch of soup! I always find myself craving a fresh crusty roll and a piping hot bowl of tomato soup when it's gloomy outside. One of life's little pleasures.

21. Have an afternoon of creative writing! Here are some ideas to get you started.

22. Browse the ASOS New In page and add a whole lot of loveliness to your Saved Items. I mean. We all do it, right?

23. Make time to catch up with an old friend. Having a good old chin wag when it's rubbish outside is one of life's little luxuries.

24. Bath. You. Candles. Face mask. Tiny baby spa.

25. Meal plan, order a big food shop, and rest smug and satisfied in the knowledge that so much yummy is on its way to you.

26. Colour, draw, paint, make something with your hands. When was the last time you were creative just for the sake of making something? I can't remember the last time I crafted something! There are a billion crafts on Pinterest, so hop in and get started.

27. Organise a long-distance viewing party with a faraway friend. I used to do this all the time with my buddies and haven't in so long! The basic idea is you synch up watching a film together and either Skype or WhatsApp your way through it together. Long-distance date!

28. Have a floor picnic, complete with baguette, cheeses, salad, deli meats, and fresh fruit for dessert.

29. Go bowling. Or laser quest. Or playing arcade games. Or frankly any indoor activity where the average age is 9.

30. Build a blanket fort, set yourself up with your laptop, and do not leave all day. Dress code: PJs. Not optional.

If you concentrate hard enough, you can probably hear the sound of leaves and conkers falling.

Okay, perhaps not, but the UK is in PEAK autumn right now, and everything is burnished in reds and oranges, pumpkins and squashes are on parade everywhere you look, and yesterday I saw not one, not two, but THREE bats come to my window. It was probably all the same bat but you get the jist. IT'S GETTING REAL FALL UP IN HERE.

I have nothing but love for October - TV shows I've been missing start returning to our screens (anyone else counting down to Stranger Things?), Bon Iver starts becoming seasonally appropriate to play at all times, and experimenting with porridge is a worthwhile way to spend a weekend morning - life slows and it's totally accepted to slow down with it. England is in that blissful in-between stage of weather where you can emerge from your warm home in a jumper and jeans and boots - and that's just enough. It isn't freezing, the rain is mostly drizzle, and there's still enough light to feel like you're getting full days. All in all - I'm lovin' it. Here's what I'm most excited about...

SEE: Last month, trawling around YouTube aimlessly I accidentally stumbled upon the trailer for Breathe, Andy Serkis' directorial debut, looking all stylish and starring two of my favs, Claire Foy (woooop ex-LIPA girl!) and Andrew Garfield. It's a true story about Robin Cavendish, diagnosed with polio and given just months to live at the age of 28, and follows his life thereafter. It's described as 'uplifting' so I'm going to brave the fact that I'll probably emerge a bawling mess and give this one my vote this month! Also - Stranger Things is back October 27th. If you haven't seen it, where the hell have you been?

LISTEN: I've been a bit quiet on the new music front over September, nothing has really caught my eye apart from Maggie Rogers' Split Stones. I don't know how this girl does it, but her voice is just other-worldly. Also after watching Five Foot Two I discovered Joanne properly - what an incredible album and song. I am so obsessed with Lady Gaga after that documovie, I swear.

GO: This month I'd like to plan a trip to Stroud - it seems insane to me that we live right next to the Cotswolds and we haven't visited so much of it. I'm thinking a pub lunch, a long walk and a nosey to some shops sounds ideal, perhaps if we've walked long enough we can justify taking home something a bit scrummy from a deli or bakery. Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year?

EAT: Last month when we went to Rome, I had the best sandwich I have ever had in my life at a place called Beer and Salt. It was pear, gorgonzola, blue cheese and speck, and I have no idea if I'll be able to ever recreate it with ingredients from this country but OH MY GOD that flavour combination is incredible.

DRINK: I also can't talk about our trip to Italy without mentioning the wine - goodness me, the wine. I've figured out that my red wine of choice is a chianti and I also need to move to Italy and give up on this cruel world of English alcohol. In lieu of having Tuscan reds every day, I've also been enjoying this dark chocolate chilli chai tea but I mean it's not alcohol is it. No.

WEAR: Two seconds away from treating myself to this biker jacket and feeling 0 regrets about it, to be honest. Every girl deserves to have some wearable leather she loves, right?

READ: Not gonna lie this is high up the list. I'm sure I'm going to find it absolutely devastating and heartbreaking but I read this interview and it sold me.

THINK: September was a VERY stressful month for me, unexpectedly. We had quite a turbulent flight back from Rome and I think that just triggered a chain of anxiety which didn't let up until late last week, really. I'm trying to self-medicate with exercise, yoga and plenty of sleep, so this month's mantra will be everything is as it is meant to be. Time to get back into more meditation, more peacefulness, more inviting happiness. I hope you have a great month ahead!

Today marks the official beginning of autumn - the autumnal equinox.

Not that you're in any danger of missing it - Instagram, blogs and Twitter seem to be covered with the requisite 'hygge', wooly jumpers and mugs of tea posts - and look at me doing all three today. I'm a real blogger now!

Still, jokes aside, this is my favourite season. I love the slight chill in the air - the still bright mornings and cosier evenings, the indulgence of choosing to stay in and snuggle rather than feeling like you should spend every waking moment outside. I'm a home comforts kinda gal, and this season plays into that tendency. More than that, it's the time of year I find myself productive, inspired and recharged, ready to work. So I thought I'd combine that energy with another favourite of mine - list-making - and jot down a 'could do' list for this beautiful time of year.

- Host a movie night, ideally with baked goods: I don't know if it's GBBO, or the whole 'nesting' thing, or just sugar and carbs, but damn do I want to bake some deliciousness right now! I'd love to rustle up a crumble or cherry pie - I made this banana and cinnamon loaf from Madeleine Shaw's recipe book last week and it was super delish!

- Go on a long walk in Scorton, or Beacon Fell: One I hope to get done this weekend! We're up north in Poulton visiting James' family, and the area they live in, being so close to the Lake District, is just beautiful for long walks and exploring. It's so idyllic and calm, it always makes me feel better and so much more relaxed.

- Get back into a proper reading habit: Summer always seems to break all the good habits I try to form in the winter and spring, and reading (and my book club!) has fallen prey to the usual 'plans every weekend' problem. Now that we'll be spending more time indoors and slowing down for the colder months, it'll be a good time to dive into my 'to read' pile.

- ... And get back into good habits: Rome happened, summer plans happened, and the gym and home cooked meals sort of fell off the wagon a little. So it's time to fix up look sharp, find a routine that works for me and get back in the kitchen. I'm feeling much more inspired to give cooking a go and dust off the ol' slow cooker so I can leave things bubbling away while we're at work. I'm also really intrigued by The Roasting Tin - one pan meals are A-OK with me - no brainers! As for working out, I'm determined to give this pilates class right next to where I live a go... if only I could rope a willing pal into going with me...

- Have an all-out girls shopping day with my mum, followed by whiskey cocktails: This one's pretty specific, but I'm actually going to get to see my mum fairly near to the festive season this year, and how often does that happen?! Erm, never. So I'm planning a special day for the two of us to shop 'til we drop, have a special lunch and cocktails a-plenty at the new The Alchemist opening in town. So. Bloody. Excited.

- Get back to writing every night: I had such a great habit going last autumn and winter, and I'm excited to get back to what I love the most - writing, creating, storytelling, and working on content. I'm so jazzed that I'm feeling inspired again!

- Treat myself: Work is stepping up a gear, I have a lot of personal projects to tend to, and taking time to rest and repair is really important when you're firing on that many cylinders. I don't want to get burnt out or sick, so building in some regular chill out time and creating rituals around finishing work and starting rest will be really important for me.

- Invest in bedding: To that end - time to get honest: my bed frame, mattress and pillows absolutely blow. I don't remember the last time I had a really restful night's sleep. Every time I stay at my grandma's house it's like sleeping on a cloud made of marshmallows, and I need to get me some of that. So, whilst it'll be a slow process, I want to buy us at least pillows, a mattress topper, and high quality bedding that will really give us good nights' sleeps in it!

- Stock up on all the tea: No, not THAT tea, hunty... cups of tea! I love a good cuppa and flavours like Spiced Pumpkin Pie are just too good to resist, no?

What have you all got planned for autumn? 
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