The Guilty Girl doesn't necessarily refer to some elusive person or lofty concept. When I came up with the name and idea for this blog, I was thinking about the place I'm at in my life and how quickly every life choice, tiny decision, even purchases could lead to a 'shame spiral' (name that film!) and send me on a total guilt trip. And then I got to thinking why. I'm sure this is all fueled by my constant re-runs of Girls and my avid lady love for Lena Dunham, but it went a little like this...

I'm pretty sure most people starting out, a little way into 'independent life', go through this 'guilty' transition because of a constant fluctuation between what we 'want' and what we 'need'. Think about it! We're always being sold 'guilty pleasures', being told what we should eat, spend our money on, how we should measure success. The pressure to be 'perfect', to have all of our stuff together is SUPER overwhelming. I can't remember how many conversations I've had with my peers that all circle around the same thing - I don't know what I'm doing!!

So after my little philosophical moment, I came to this conclusion: sod it. Sod the plan, sod the ideals, sod perfect - because who's got time for that? I wanted a little place on the internet that was mine and mine alone to rejoice - rejoice in everything. Where 'guilty' isn't a dirty word, and where I could enjoy the things I do without meeting with a contrary opinion or backlash just for the sake of it. 

Saying that, I hope that TGG can someday encourage others (maybe you!) to do the same; kick off their proverbial heels, let their tresses down and chill with me. Because don't we all just really want to chill together? I know I do.

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