(Pictured above from L-R: Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mists in Warm Vanilla Sugar, Dark Kiss and Coconut Lime Breeze)
So now that spring finally seems to have reared its pretty head over here in the UK, I thought I'd cover something a little lighter and brighter and proclaim some sweetly-scented love for these fragrance mists from Bath and Body Works. A long-time bone of contention for us product junkies based in the UK, although B&BW stock isn't readily available here, I managed to scoop some treats up on a recent trip home to Dubai, of all places (honestly, just call it Baby America at this point).

I picked up three of the sweet spritzes on a 3 for 2 offer they had at the time (the offer ran on their candles too - my suitcase weight allowance was NOT happy about this), in Warm Vanilla Sugar, Dark Kiss and Coconut Lime Breeze. I thought I'd just run through a quick, not-expert-at-all scent breakdown and give you guys the 411 in case any of you are venturing to our Westward cousins or fancy placing an order on Amazon.

Warm Vanilla Sugar smells pretty much like what it says on the tin - this scent has a serious case of the 'sugar donut van' smell which, if you're anything like me, just makes you feel scrummy and delicious. Because of that I'd say it's more of a winter scent, as it does sit quite heavy and doesn't quite have the lightness of a spring or summer perfume. Very warming and comforting although beware - it might make you crave a Danish (that's my excuse, anyway).

Dark Kiss is a seriously sultry little number and is an excellent dupe for Hypnose by Lancome which I adored during uni for nights out/date nights alike. Sweet and feminine with just the tiniest undertone of a muskiness which stops it from being too sickly, it's definitely one that sits lightly and requires someone to be rather - ehem - close to you to fully appreciate it. Spritz lightly over your hair, then onto fingertips to dot behind your ears if you want my advice. Slinky.

Coconut Lime Breeze is one of those scents that just makes me happy. Refreshing, uplifting, with just the right balmy sweetness of coconut and citrus acidity of lime, it just smells to me of summer holidays gone by. This one might be the only mist that I thought could be a little on the young side for me as, at the ripe old age of 24, I'm not sure I'm the authority on these kinds of mists anymore. But still, this is a really fun and fruity one, perfect for warm weather with a real lightness.

And there you have it! I hope those brief notes were helpful - I love matching these mists to my mood or the weather when I'm not feeling like wearing a full on scent - usually Stella by Stella McCartney or a Zara own-brand if you were wondering. Perhaps a post to follow, if you'd like to see one?

Let me know if you've ever tried a fragrance mist from B&BW and what you thought, or just tell me your signature scent - I'd love to know!

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