You may have noticed (or not!) that there was no post this Monday. Here at TGG I aim to get posts out on a 'MWF + weekend post' schedule, so that any readers that happen across this blog will usually have something new to come back to. I also aim to be as honest as possible and so, as I'm sure you can tell by the title, I wanted to just write about something that is happening in my world right now.

This Sunday a member of my close family passed away. I've felt such a spectrum of emotions but the over-riding ones have been shock and fear. It was not exactly an expected death, and the manner in which everything happened was a little traumatic for my family. This compacted with news of the events in Boston and an earthquake that shook up Dubai (where a lot of friends and family are) just made the past few days a little hectic and hard to manage.

The irony of the last post coupled with this one isn't lost on me, and whilst I am trying to practice stress management during this difficult time, sometimes grief takes over and you just have to surrender to that.

I hope to be writing again soon. Until then, I will be trying to remember to tell everyone I love how much I care, every chance I get.

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