(Clockwise from top left: Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Hypnose by Lancome, Ghost Deep Night, STELLA by Stella McCartney, Tobacco Flower center)
Isn't it the pipe dream of any beauty lover to sit at a pristine dresser with an array of scents in beautiful bottles to choose from? Nothing says 'ladylike elegance' quite like having a bespoke collection to match every occasion. Now, real talk, I am nowhere near there. But I have got a few trusty little parfums in my collection... Because sometimes a girl needs to switch it up. So, if your interests were piqued by this post earlier in the week - behold! My fragrance wardrobe (of sorts)...

Daisy by Marc Jacobs (£55.50 for 100ml): So I have to confess something. Guilty Mama works for the charming gent who designed this perfume bottle (he's amazing), so I actually bagged this baby for free. It's not the usual scent I would go for as I tend to stay away from overly floral notes. But regardless of that, I would repurchase this perfume in a hot second. On the skin it is fresh, feminine, floral and light - it is spring epitomized. The heart notes of the perfume are violet, with wild strawberry top notes and white woods base notes - now if, like me, you know nothing about the difference between 'heart', 'top' and 'base', it equates to this - girly, flirty scent. Spritz lightly and frolic.

Hypnose by Lancome (£63.50 for 75ml): So I've already found a pretty good dupe for this perfume, but regardless, this is a very 'pretty', flirtatious, date night scent. I say night because it's quite sweet and lays quite thickly on the skin - it might be a bit too heavy for daytime use. Heart notes of vanilla, top notes of passion flower and base notes of vetiver (an Indian flowering grass, so I'm told), use sparingly for an air of 'je ne sais quoi'.

Ghost Deep Night (£43.50 for 75ml): 'Yummy' is basically what comes to mind when I give this a sniff. This perfume has a strong sweetness but it's balanced out by what I think is a musky or woody tone. Swotting up on the official stuff will tell you its heart notes are apricot, peach and white wood (explains the sweet/woody balance) with top notes of rose and base notes of amber and vanilla. Very pretty, definitely a night time, musky scent. I feel this perfume is perhaps a little older than me but nonetheless, it's still quite a sexy smelling number.

STELLA by Stella McCartney (£68.50 for 100ml): I could write an ode to this perfume. This was my first 'big girl fragrance' and it has seen me through the early adulthood years like an absolute beaut. It sounds stupid, but this is my 'rockstar' perfume. I spritz it on my wrists when I need a little extra confidence, and it definitely gives me that. Something about it is completely womanly. The notes in this perfume are peony, rose, mandarin orange and woody notes, and I definitely think the mandarin orange and woody notes are the ones I pick up on the most. Love this, I have an endless supply of bottles, it never ages and I never tire of smelling it.

Tobacco Flower by The Body Shop (Discontinued?): I smelt this scent on a girl in sixth form college and have been buying it since (up until it got discontinued - boo!!). I now have one, teensy travel sized bottle left and I'm trying to eke it out as far as I can because this is just the ultimate, fuss-free, spritz-and-go any season perfume for me. Some perfume buffs have tried to pin down the scent, citing notes of 'leather' and 'tobacco' alongside amber and floral elements. I don't know about all of that, but I DO know that it is an all-weathers, all-occasions type of babe and I get compliments when I'm wearing it like no other. PLEASE bring this back, Body Shop?!

Hope that was helpful and you enjoyed having a little 'nosey' (sorry, couldn't help myself) through my little collection of fragrances. Let me know if you have a 'signature scent' or if you wear any of these perfumes too in the comments!! I'd love to hear from you.

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