There comes a time in every frequent-commuter's life where you realize that, as gorgeous as those to-die-for heels or flirty wedges might look, sometimes your feet want a break. Sometimes it's okay to celebrate being 5'3, and dammit, sometimes flat shoes can look gooo-ood. Enter my new love - & Other Stories.

Aside from & Other Stories being another, lust-worthy brainchild of Hennes and Mauritz (the, frankly, straight-up geniuses behind H&M, Cos and Monki - anyone else just realize half of their closet belongs to these guys? Just me?), one thing this store does exceptionally well, regardless of heritage, is shoes. Just look at these beauties. Real leather, beautiful soft satin, no compromise on design and let me tell you - it's like walking on little, tiny clouds. Little, tiny reasonably priced clouds, too, all things considered...

New Look it ain't. But these shoes are well-made, look fantastic and don't compromise on the well-being of your pretty peds a few hours after putting them on. They say you get what you pay for and I have to agree - these are some of the most stylish, comfortable shoes that have ever graced my wardrobe. So let me take you through the purchases...

I loved these open heel ballerina flats for their simplicity and timelessness - the leather goes buttery soft after a few wears (judging by the fit and comfort of the display pair), but out of the box they are a little on the stiff side, as you would expect with any real leather product. The cut-out at the back of the shoe is super cute, and the rose gold hardware just takes these babies to the next level. Chic, versatile, smart enough for work, and London-approved - I was complimented on these on first wear. Thumbs up.

The ballerinas with contrasting toe pumps were a little more of an impulse buy (tut tut, says weeping bank account). But all in all, for £39? I regret nothing. My first sentiment upon slipping them on was "They're so comfy!!", and after walking around in these babies all day, the song remains the same. They are gorgeous to walk in, and I still can't help but glance down ground-wards when I'm wearing these shoes. They have a very elongating, narrowing effect on the foot and look so ladylike. Guilty Mama muttered something about Audrey Hepburn and the decision was made - these would be mine. 

I can't recommend & Other Stories enough - if you're around London pop into their beautiful store on Regent Street, or visit their website at - you won't be disappointed.

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