(Clifford's Tower at Castle Museum, York)
This past Bank Holiday weekend happened to fall on mine and the boyf's 4-year anniversary. What better excuse for a little getaway to one of our favourite parts of the country? 

Here are some little snapshots of our time there.
(A mama goose shielding her goslings from the rain - say it with me, awwww!)
(York Minster - this is ALWAYS being renovated, whenever we come!)
(Boys will be boys!)


  1. York looks beautiful! My flatmate lives there and I've always wanted to visit! :(

    Yinyin xx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Yinyin!! It is SO beautiful - we only had just under 24 hours there, but it's so lovely to just wander around and be surrounded by history and the scenic landscape :) Also amazing for shopping (naughty!) - my boyfriend was VERY lucky that we had a deadline to get outta the city to visiting other friends ;) Some serious retail damage could have been done!

      T xx


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