On a fly-by trip through London last week, I managed to swoop into Selfridges for a little 'mummy and me' time - does anyone else love those days? Wandering around with my mum is one of my favourite things to do, and poring over pretty make-up and skincare just happens to be par-for-the-course now. Guilty Mama was looking for some good quality skincare to sort out some trouble areas on her face, and as I was yanking her over in the general direction of the Origins counter anyway, I thought I'd scoop myself up this much-hyped product - the now infamous Drink Up Intensive overnight mask. Well, it would have been rude not to...

My mum and I couldn't wait to get this baby home and give it a whirl that night over an episode of Glee (yep, it's our thing) and snoozing. I used this in place of a night cream/moisturizer and mum did the same - we really wanted to feel the full hydrating benefits of this bad boy. And I'm delighted to report we did... mostly. I noticed a bigger difference in my mother's skin to be honest, which was quite dehydrated and suffered from dry patches. The next morning her skin looked plumper, the patches were all but gone (completely non-visible) and the surface of her face was smoother and softer to the touch. Needless to say it has gone on her shopping list...

As for me? I'm trialing it once again tonight to cement my views, but initial observations were as follows: plumper skin, a subtle flattering glow and a smoother face, but I did notice my forehead got a little oilier than usual the day after use of this mask. Perhaps it was just a one-off or to do with something I did/ate/drank on the day (dietary patterns can wreak havoc on your face!), but I wasn't as blown away by this mask as fellow bloggers have been in other reviews.

My favourite of the bunch above was the Modern Friction natural dermabrasion scrub - so gentle and yet made a huge, visible difference to red areas on my face and bumpy areas on my forehead. I'm definitely going to be looking for this exfoliator the next time I have a little cash to splash! The Mega Mushroom serum also really added a glow, softness and radiance to my skin - but the SMELL! The smell is so funky. I don't think I could use this on the regular because it actually made me feel a little ill whilst applying it...

Do you use any Origins products? Have you ever used Drink Up Intensive? What did you think? I'd love to hear your findings!


  1. Amazing review :0) I loved this mask will be buying it again, and thank you for replying to my comment in your twenties post :) now following you back xx


    1. Aww thanks Krystel! Yeah, it's a great mask - wore it before an interview I attended and having glowy, healthy skin really gave me a confidence boost :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      And no worries - I appreciate all of my comments so much, so thank you always for commenting, reading and a very big thank you for following!! <3

      T x

    2. Definitely will call you Jenny from now on too :) I saw you followed me on Twitter - hi Jenny :0) xx


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