As mentioned in my 'What's In My Handbag?' post last week, allow me to introduce you to my commuting beauty products - the hard-working pick of my bevvy of make-up products that get me from A to B on the daily. During the last month, for both personal and professional reasons, I've been making the long commute between Chester and London quite frequently. These guys have made sure that I show up looking half-decent and a little more perked up than my mileage covered would suggest.Before we get into the beauty bits, a shout-out to the hand cream pictured above - it's so luscious I had to mention it. Soap and Glory's Hand Food has seen my tips through both winter and spring dryness, feels really luxurious and doesn't leave a weird film on your hands. Winner. On to the beauty bumf!

 Lips: I'm sure one of the above products is going to irk my lovely UK readers as, for some unknown reason, it is as yet unavailable to buy here. I picked up this Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch whilst on holiday in Dubai as I'd heard good things about this highly moisturizing and pigmented lovelies. It didn't disappoint. This shade is quite an opaque, cool-toned pink which feels gorgeous when applied on the lips and for some time after. I wore this in the baking hot sun of the UAE, whilst sunbathing, and my lips were still soft, supple and protected that evening. Well done Maybelline, but seriously, bring it over here!!

The other two beautiful picks above are Revlon Lip Butters - are you sensing a trend here? For daytime wear, I like to keep my smile low-maintenance and well-hydrated - there's nothing worse than dry, cracked lips looking back at you, is there? I've been really impressed by the Lip Butters - super low-maintenance, so pigmented, and the colour range is just delicious - literally, delicious - the product names are all food-related and look spectacular. The two I carry with me are Wild Watermelon for when I want a not-quite-red lip (between a red and orange tone) and Juicy Papaya for a more neutral, orange-y coral. Both are from the new Spring/Summer line, and I have to say I've already got my eye on a few more!!

Eyes and Face: I have a confession. Until the age of 23, I had never owned a foundation. True, before I really got interested in beauty my face probably could have been helped with a little, ehem, perk up, but I had been blessed (knock on wood) with pretty manageable skin and had always thought - if it ain't broke...! So that kind of mentality has really stuck with me when I'm on-the-go and don't really have time/energy to put on a full face. Usually during the winter I might carry a powder for touch-ups to my base, but lately with the warmer weather, I've just been wearing my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light over any under-eye circles or blemishes, and keeping the rest au naturel. Because, who needs to add another five minutes into their make-up routine, really? I pep up my cheeks (if I need it - usually I'm quite the ruddy faced monster) with a little dusting of Santa Fe by Rimmel blush just on the tops of my cheeks (I don't get to apply blush to the apples of my cheeks as they're quite pronounced and it just makes me look like a pageant baby).

Eyes I like to keep looking fresh and awake with my Benefit They're Real! mascara (thank god for Elle magazine and their sample size of this) which is perfect for really long, voluminous lashes. I only really apply this to the tops as on the bottoms it can look a little spider-y. Scary. If I need to pep up my peepers (read: waterline redness from lack of sleep) I apply the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl in Nude. Excellent trick for making you look instantly awake and fresh-faced.

And that pretty much sums up my on-the-go face!! Leave a comment telling me your favourite beauty products to stash in your handbag, or to any similar posts on your blogs! I love reading these!


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    1. I cannot recommend it highly enough! If you like, I can pick you some up and send them to you to review next time I go to Dubai? :) Thanks for commenting Jenny xx


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