Thought I'd add a quickie WIMH post today as I love to nosey in other peoples' bags, as you do - yes, What' is on my daily rotation of lustful reads (more on those later!). So in the interest of us all getting a little better acquainted, here's a peep into my Mary Poppins-esque bag of tricks...

So we have to discuss the bag, right? This is my Mulberry Bayswater and I don't think it's humanly possible for me to love another bag as much as I love this one. It's classic, it's professional looking, it works as a daytime or night-time bag, it's a shopping-proof size, and buttery soft on the inside. I love the casual structure and design of it, and the little postman's lock that comes with? Je t'adore.

But leather-induced love confessions aside, you'll see its contents are a little... well, schizo. Warm, fluffy gloves and RayBans? English summer, my friend. Although the sunshine reared its beautiful head for all of about five seconds there, the latest brisk winds and unpredictable bouts of rain have called for something woolen on stand-by.  

By way of what little make-up musts I have shown here (a post of my 'daily essentials make up bag' is coming!), are some (embarrassingly cheapy) eyelash curlers and my Kiehls lip balm in Mango. This stuff is heavenly. Moisturizing even the driest, chapped lips in wintertime (delightful visual), it also tastes like heaven and the consistency is like buttuh. Yes, you have to spell it like that.

Also for an on-the-go spruce is my little travel sized rollerball of Zara Black. Seriously sexy fragrance alert. Previous handbag spritzes have included Tobacco Flower and Daisy by Marc Jacobs, mentioned in my fragrance collection post. Alongside, the lady in the neon pink there is my Tangle Teezer, God's gift to ladies with thicker tresses more likely to get a little matted. When a hairdresser first ran this baby through my hair I literally gasped. I shit you not. Holy grail stuff. 

I keep a hairband and an old Benefit compact mirror in my bag for said make-up touch-ups on the go and just to check on the whole food-in-teeth situation post-meals or pre-meetings. No one wants to be that girl. 

No one wants to be the chick who has to pay full price for train travel either, which is why I keep my National Railcard on me all the time, as near to my Marc Jacobs purse as I can physically get it. This purse was a birthday present from my dad who, for an Arab man with no interest in designer labels, quite shocked me with this choice. Fair play, papa. Fair play.

The zebra-like item dwelling in the top-center of the photograph is my beloved iPhone 5 - the case is from Bangkok (another gift from amazing parents), but you can get a similar one here. I keep my earphones in my bag for listening to Seth Godin's podcasts on said iPhone during long train journeys - either to inspire me, or to put me to sleep when I have no other energy reserves - anyone else find being talked to REALLY helps with drifting off? Just me? Ehem...

Also, that ancient-looking silver thing is what iPods used to look like, yknow, back in the day. I mainly took this photo as evidence for my grandchildren one day. 'Look, children. Granny owned one when they were 4GB and looked like stones...'

Link me to your 'What's In My Handbag?' posts, and let's rejoice in being nosey together!! 


  1. I love the tangle teezer ;-) and that zebra phone case is super cute x

    1. Thanks for your comment Krystel! I'm telling you - that tangle teezer is a Godsend. Even my boyfriend loves it!! He won't ever admit to it because it's neon pink, but he does. He said it was like a little scalp massage :)
      I love the phone case as well :) Think I'm going to get a Javier the Owl one next - have you seen those? So gorgeous!!

  2. I love your zebra phone cover! So cute!

    Yinyin xx

    1. Aw thanks! I love it too. I definitely want the owl one now though! Addictive ;)

      T xx


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