It doesn't take a beauty boff to know that most of us use our make-up well-past its sell-by date. Lesbihonest here - if we were to really adhere to the guidelines, we'd end up wasting a lot of our money in 'sitting duck' products. You know the kind - 'night out' palettes, that one bold lip colour you want to believe you'll wear a lot, but inevitably it gets pushed aside in favour of a gloss or a nude. Ladies, I had the same 17 lipstick in my handbag for seven years. I think it's still in the recesses of my make up closet somewhere. But after reading this post by Meg of the brilliant Lips So Facto and a more recent article in Allure magazine, I decided to dig deep into the most ancient recesses of my make up bag and get serious about these ancient artifacts.

(Pictured: MAC 'Jewel' palette with, from LtoR, Mylar, Sunnyside Up, Era, Honey Lust, Mulch and Parrot eyeshadows; Bourjois Pastel Paupieres in Beige Estompe; Bourjois Pastel Lumiere in Bleu Zephir; MAC Frost Eyeshadow in Meadowland)
Eyeshadows: The verdict from most is around the 3-year mark. The pictured are at about 5+ years. Don't hate me. I am but the messenger. And the gross person who applies these to her face. I promise to do better. But I'm allowed to keep that MAC palette for Mulch, right? Right? It's just so pretty.

(Pictured: L'Oreal Colour Riche Star Secrets in 'Milla Purple'; Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in 'Va Va Violet'; Benefit 'the gloss' in 'No Peeking'; 
Vaseline and Chapstick)
Lip products: This one I'm slightly more grossed-out by. Shelf life, apparently, is up to 4 years, making all of the above fine. Apparently the best way to go with these is by smell - if it starts smelling icky or discolours in places - it's time to go. But having said that, I think I will discard these products. Just from an 'I'm grossed out' point of view. I don't think anything could say 'bacteria breeding ground' more than an item that gets applied directly to your mouth and is a wet-product, like the gloss or balms above.

(Pictured: Neil's Yard Remedies eyeliner in Black, Bourjois Metallise eyeliner in 54 Bleu clinquant, Benefit 'BAD gal' chubby liner)
Eye pencils: If sharpened regularly, should last you up to 3 years (I imagine this is to remove the layer that has come into contact with any bacteria in your eye). As you can tell, I haven't been on top of the sharpening here. Out they go!

(Pictured: Benefit 'High Beam' highlighter; Benefit 'Lyin Eyes' concealer)
Cream products: 1 year. You can probably see from the picture that High Beam has separated. First clue that application would be a no-no. It's a shame, because as I remember, both of these products apply very nicely. Aah well. I'm sure a repurchase of High Beam will be on the cards soon, as it leaves the most beautiful pinky, rosy shimmer when applied to the high points of the face.

(Pictured: 'Lash It/Build It' mascara; Benefit 'BAD gal lash' mascara)
Mascaras: These two look dangerously like magazine samples, so I was pretty set that they'd be flying the coop before I even checked. Mascaras have the shortest shelf life of make-up products - and for good reason. The blog post I read actually said 4 months for these bad boys, but I live by the rule of six. Obviously if the product irritates your eyes or looks clumpy, chuck it earlier. You can never be too safe with this - the wand and wet product acts as a harbour for bacteria and if you've ever looked at the pads on your eyelash curlers after a month of use, you'll know how much there is going on up in there. Bye bye, Bad Gal.

So that's my detox done! I feel much better for discovering some hidden gems (Hello, MAC Mulch, welcome back to my eyelids) and ridding myself of any yuckies. Plus, there seems  to suddenly be a large amount of space in my bag... Did someone say, haul?

How often do you re-haul your make-up products? Do you adhere to expiration guidelines, or go by what you see? 


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