So today, since the weather has been absolutely blissful here in England, I thought today I'd share something very close to my heart with all you lovely folk. Not only is this a bangin' summer jam, but this is my cousin Anne Marie's very first music video and her demo that was leaked a couple of weeks ago. And frankly, just in time, isn't this the perfect song to drive along to, windows down? Or to have in your head as you stroll along in the sunshine, eating a Cornetto? 

I really hope you guys enjoy, and if you feel like it, give Anne Marie's video a thumbs-up on YouTube. I know she'd be so happy you guys listened. If you want to know more about her (she's amazing and also pretty kick-ass - three-time world champion of Shotokan Karate, much?), check out her artist page with Rocket Music. Yep, that's the same label as Jessie-J and Ed Sheeran. Me? Proud? Naaaah.

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