(Pictured: Essie Resort Collection 2013, which I picked up from ASOS - the quad doesn't seem to be available anymore, but you can buy individuals)

I hold my hands up - I have a problem. The problem comes in dinky little glass bottles in a variety of colours, and, thanks to what I'm sure is a conspiracy by Boots and Superdrug to rid me of my quickly depleating funds, my problem is now readily available to me. That problem, my lovely readers, is Essie nail polish.

To be honest, the four pictured above were a bit of a regret-buy. I was having a terrible week and thought, 'to Hell with it, I'm treating myself'. And while In The Cab-Ana' and 'First Timer' (the pretty seafoam blue and peppy green pictured above) are absolutely delightful for warmer weather, the rain has come to England, and the shine is well and truly off. I love Essie nail polishes, but I do not love the old style, thin brush and streaky application which I've found with this collection. I found I needed around 2-3 coats for each of these colours to look even halfway decent. Once on, top coat over them, the colours dazzle as always (such is the way with my addiction - it's a tempting mistress), but tip wear and chips were a big problem, even with a base and top coat stay-power sandwich. Not too impressed, especially not for the inflated £9.95 each price tag on this collection (ordinarily nail polishes retail at £7.99 each from Boots).

Thankfully, Boots and Superdrug stock the newer, thicker brush which makes for a much more breezy application. I've just picked up some beauties from the Summer collection from Boots (listen, I told you I had a problem, and they're on buy one get one half price!! I will not be held responsible) - I'll let you know the verdict on those ASAP. But for now, think of me and my poor weeping debit card as Essie continue to knock it out of the park with their colour choices.

What are your guilty obsessions? Is there a brand/product that gets you splurging every time? Tell me quick, so I don't feel so bad!!

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