It's not very often I will come out with an opinion with little debate or explanation, but here it is: I love this book. And this might make for a terrible review. But hand on heart, it's worth it, even if it makes just one person consider picking up this read. It's not life-changing (well, not in a 'profound, meaningful' way), it's nothing ground-breaking in terms of plot, but it is just magical. That's the only way to describe it. This book made me smell a bonfire. Yes, you read right. Smell. A. Bonfire. And that was only in the prologue.

The thing is, with The Night Circus, it essentially gives you a lot upfront. If you look at the cover (another thing that I adore about the book), you see man and woman intertwined with red ribbon. That, pretty much, is the story you follow. The story of Celia and Marco, two student prodigies who are extraordinarily gifted, and whose lives connect through the Night Circus itself. And you know what? I'm not going to say anymore plot-wise. Because to give spoilers away in a review of this book just doesn't seem right, really. You have to read it, fall in love with it, be enchanted by it, and become a part of its world, otherwise it's not going to happen for you. It's a Marmite book, I suppose.

For whatever reason, I picked this book up on a total whim at a time in my life last year when I was emotionally drained. We'd had a huge loss in my family and I literally picked this up at the train station on the way down to the funeral. So maybe I needed the escapism that Erin Morgenstern's writing affords you - but I couldn't have asked for a more captivating read. It's a fairly gentle start, but once it gets going the story literally unravels. It should be noted the red ribbon on the front cover is a big part of the story, and I think in the narrative and the way that Morgenstern writes, she has very much kept that metaphor in mind. The pace of the read, once it starts, almost pours. Her writing has a really nice balance between detail and intrigue and keeping you moving forward, sometimes frustratingly so. I found myself with only a few chapters to read deciding that there wasn't enough book left for all I wanted to know. Isn't that the best/worst feeling when that happens?

All I can say is: please read this book. If you like fantasy, if you like love stories, if you like stories about human nature, if you like stories that take you away to a different world - please pick up this book. It's marvelous, it will take you a couple of weeks tops (and that's if you're VERY busy), and it will definitely be becoming a movie at some point. And it's a movie you'll want to see. It will come out in late summer (because this book is everything autumn) and there will be some beautiful ingenues playing the lead roles. And then you'll forever wonder if the right person played Celia or if the book was better than the movie.

It probably is.

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