So, I've made no secret of the fact that where my diet and fitness is concerned, like everyone else, I have my 'bad days' (even though I don't believe in labeling them that). Having been bullied about my weight in the past, it's definitely still a point of contention. Still, summer rolls around every year, and we (at least I definitely) tend to feel that same, familiar fluttering panic of 'crap! Less clothing! Bodily exposure!' which leads us to dart to the nearest 'get thin quick' solution and, let's be honest, waste a crapton of money and/or time on something which essentially doesn't work.

But this year, I've made a little promise with myself. Things are gonna change - not just for the summer, not for bikinis and not for anyone but me. I want to get healthy.

On that note, allow me to introduce my new blog series for Fridays this month - the 'Body Issue' - posts relating to confidence, wellness, fitness and mental, emotional and spiritual stability to get you to the right place in feeling good about yourself. Hopefully this will help you to identify and reach your body goals - and those don't have to be 'losing weight' or 'toning up' at all - one of my biggies? I want to be able to do a handstand! I've never been able to, and it's just something I want to challenge myself to! I also want to be able to run a distance without feeling like I'm going to die - quite the toughie. But hopefully this will be some fun little reads to spur you on and help you out if you ever feel low. We've all been there.
Let me know if you've got any health/fitness goals this year that you want to achieve, if you're excited for the series or if you've posted something similar! I love a good read!

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