I thought I'd do a fun little post for you today - namely the '25 Facts About Me' tag that has been cropping up on some of my favorites lately. Feel free to skim over or ignore this one completely if you're not into a little bit of randomness on your Friday read! But anyway, enough of the intro, on to the meaty stuff!!

1. My name is Arabic (I think the origins of 'Tamara' are in Russia?), coming from 'Tamir', which means date, Tamira means 'date-yielding tree'. Yep. Make of that what you will.

2. I am a level-6 Trinity examined Soprano singer (which I passed with distinction, what whattttt), and I think if I had done a couple more grades I would have been qualified to teach...? Stupidly, it was never something that interested me.

3. I know every word from the movie Gladiator. Every. Word.

4. I went to go and see The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio at the cinema 4 times. It wasn't that it was even that good, it was just that Wednesday was always a cinema day with my friends and that was the only good thing showing in Dubai that month...

5. ... Following on from that, I grew up in Dubai. Aged 4 - 18 with a tiny respite in the middle where I lived in Lebanon (not the best) and Basildon (in my grandma's house which was again, not the best).

6.  At said school in Lebanon, I got a group of my friends together and we performed a Spice Girl song at a talent show. It was a remix of 'Wannabe', it was dreadful, we have a video of it somewhere that I must destroy.

7. For anyone wondering about the last fact, I was Ginger Spice, who was my favourite Spice Girl.

8. Growing up in the Middle East, we never really got the whole Boyzone, 911, boy band thing... I grew up into more American RnB stuff like Brandy, Aaliyah, TLC, Blackstreet, BoyzIIMen...

9. Which has led to a life-long belief that yes, I am entitled to rap in the shower. I really shouldn't.

10. I have a Border-Collie/Labrador cross back home in Dubai called 'Lucky' that I've had since I was 10. I named him not after the puppy in 101 Dalmatians, but because I was 'lucky to have him'. Vom, 10-year-old Tami.

11. I used to collect Pogs, Beanie Babies, stickers for sticker albums - pretty much anything collectible that 90s kids got sucked into, I was there. I still have a Beanie Baby collection which I thought would appreciate in value over time - it did not.

12. When I was younger I was OBSESSED (read: to the point of worrisome) with Ancient civilizations. If it was Greek, Roman or Egyptian? I was down. I thought I was going to become an archaeologist when I grew up.

13. Another profession I toyed with was radio DJ, and I would interview all of my friends and record us talking on cassette tapes (showing my age here) when I got my first personal stereo. It was red with yellow speakers. What a boom box.

14. The first house we lived in in Dubai was pretty much my idea of heaven. It was a gated community of villas called Chicago Beach Village (CBV for short, holla). I lived a two minute bike ride away from my best friend, the little supermarket in the centre of the village, and the beach and swimming pool. What more could any child want, ever?

15. For my 21st birthday present, my family all pitched in and paid for me and my best friend to swim with dolphins. It was amazing and I will never ever ever forget it! The dolphin's name was Lennox.

16. I'm a bit of a TV addict, my vices of choice are Game of Thrones, Girls, New Girl, Project Runway, Glee (yep. RIP Cory Monteith), and The Big Bang Theory.

17. The above list should also include Pretty Little Liars but I was too chicken to include it.

18. I can speak French and Arabic, enough to get by. I understand more than I speak.

19. My dad is Palestinian-Jordanian, so I'm half Arabic. One amazing half of my family live in Jordan and some of my best memories are from going to see them every summer in Amman when I was growing up.

20. Following that, I have bathed in the Dead Sea, worn a Dead Sea mud mask, and burned my feet on the sand at the beach there. Ouch.

21. My favourite colour is aquamarine.

22. My 'happy place' is on the beach in Dubai, laying in the sun, listening to the waves.

23. If I could go anywhere in the world on holiday, 99% of the time my answer would be New York. I've been before, but I just love it there. It's heaven to me.

24. My dad has written and published a book. I haven't read it, at his request, but I know it's about his view on life, and I know he says some very lovely things about me and my mum. Thanks Daddy.

25. My middle name is Alison.

So that's it! And if you've made it this far - my congratulations! I tag YOU to do this post, or comment below if you've already done one so I can read!


  1. It's so cool that you're half Arabic, the Middle East is one of my favourite parts of the world and I've wanted to visit Jordan for ages now!
    Nina from little nomad

    1. Thanks so much Nina :) Yeah, the Middle East definitely connects me to that side of my culture, it always feels like going home when I go to Dubai :) Jordan is amazing!! You definitely should visit. In all of my 18 years of going though, I never did Petra! Shocking. That's on my 'must do' list, for sure!

      Thanks so much for reading and for your comment, lovely. T x

  2. I love Dubai, I'd have loved to have lived there for a bit :)! I think everyone raps in the shower... that's normal, right? Lovely post :)! xx

    D Is For...

    1. It's a gorgeous country, but living there did have some down sides! Not many... but a few ;) It's a great place to go when you're young, I'd definitely recommend it! And yeah - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

      Thanks so much for commenting and reading, Dannielle! T x

  3. I'd love to visit Dubai!
    New follower!

    1. I really recommend it! It's a great place to go with friends - I loved taking some of my pals there this year for their first visit :)

      Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and for following, lovely!!

      T x


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