I am such a lucky girl. I had the most wonderful 25th birthday this Sunday, filled with love and laughter, amazing friends and amazing food (seriously, Byron Burger at L1? You know how to do this stuff!). I have to give a massive thumbs up to 'This Is The End' as well - I know it's been out forever and a day in the States, but it has just come over to our sunny shores in England (I know, WHAT?!) and it is FAB. I was crying laughing within the first half hour. Fantastic. The weather, the company - the whole day was perfect. 

So I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the present booty I received - I didn't want to go into too much detail as I'd hate to think of anyone thinking I was being braggy. I have lovely friends and family and they definitely spoil me - but it is reciprocated, I promise! What you can see pictured above is one of the two lovely bouquets of flowers delivered to me by my family (this one came with a Happy Birthday balloon and Montezuma chocolate truffles - homgggg). 

Also some cheeky clothing purchases from my birthday money - those elephant print pants are from New Look and they are heaven - so comfy and well-fitted, but unfortunately I think they're sold out most places now!! I got mine online but since I did I can already see they've dropped to low stock!! I'll feature them in an OOTD once I build up the confidence to actually do one and not bottle it!

My best friend got me the various Paperchase (how amazing is that shop? Weakness!) cupcake/cooking-themed paraphernalia - oh, that girl knows me so well! A recipe book covered in desserts and a cupcake shaped egg-timer?! Yes pur-lease. I'm all about my outrageously 90s purple fluffy pen as well! That'll spice up completing my coursework... Well. It'll try.

Hope you've enjoyed this post, and if there's anything you want to ask about that's pictured - leave me a comment! Have a wonderful weekend, and if you want, tell me what you're going to get up to!


  1. Aww happy birthday! Looks like you got spoilt!! xx

    1. Thank you Abi! I did, I'm a lucky girl. Made the whole 'turning 25' process a whole lot easier ;)

      Thanks for your comment lovely. T x

  2. Happy belated birthday, looks like you had a fab day!
    Nina from little nomad

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I did - after having a little tantrum that I didn't want to be 25!! Such a grown-up age!

      Thanks so much for commenting and following Nina! T x

  3. Everyone demands for birthday treat. And we feel good to throw a birthday party as it is one of most important day for everyone's life. Birthdays are incomplete without cake, balloon and celebration. So we should enjoy this day to its fullest.


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