It's not very often I get whisked away any further than the odd weekend jaunt to Liverpool or Poulton-le-Fylde and, lovely as both of those places are, I do get quite excited about traveling further afield. Whilst a summer holiday in the conventional sense (plane journey, vegetating on the beach, coming back very smug with tan and bucketfuls of photos) isn't on the cards for myself and the boyf this year, we're heading for a get-away-from-it-all week down south - waaay down. Sussex, to be exact. So, whilst I have a four and a half hour train journey to look forward to (there and back!), I thought I'd share some of my top picks for traveling light and streamlining your bevvy of products.

The biggest culprit of stealing space inside the more discerning carry-on luggage? Beauty and hair goodies. I'll be totally honest - I'm pretty fuss-free when it comes to products anyway, but when I'm trying to narrow down my picks, I suddenly find a reason to bring everything. With reasoning like 'what if the hotel's shampoo/conditioner doesn't agree with my hair?' or 'what if I want to straighten and curl?!' I don't get very far. So this trip, I've decided to be brutal. Only the most basic of basics. 

Making an appearance is the Enrapture Totem Styling Wand which is just ideal as the customizable settings mean I can create different kinds of curls - more on this later. I also chuck in some travel-sized treats, namely Tresemme Heat Protective Spray as the Enrapture Wand gets VERY hot, and some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for second-day styling and texture.

The edited skincare selection has been decanted into travel bottles and goes a little something like this - Emma Hardie cleansing balm, thisworks toner, Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Water (for pre-cleanse make-up removal) and some Simple Hydrating moisturizer. Job done.

Make-up wise I've kept it to the best of the best - Dior Nudeskin BB cream, YSL Touche Eclat, Nars Laguna, MAC Paintpot in Eclair, and Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. Some eyelash curlers and my Real Techniques brushes and I'm out the door. This, technically, might be cheating, as I keep my They're Real! mascara and lip products in my handbag but hey - a girl's gotta economize space where she can.

I always try to use Accuweather or at worst the Weather app on my iPhone (is anyone else's shockingly inaccurate?) to judge what kind of weather I'm dressing for. I'll usually try and do layers to travel in to save space, so I'll make sure I'm wearing a neutral, multi-purpose jacket that is smart enough for evening dinners and flexible enough to pop on during the day times if there's a chill. I'll usually go for jeans and a cami-style top with a lightweight kimino or cover-up over top. I'll also travel in a pair of smart flats, so that I only need to worry about packing some socks and trainers for rambling walks, and a pair of heels or wedges.

Other than that, a million dollar dress (not literally, just something that makes you feel amazing), a patterned/detail skirt or pair of trousers, underwear, another top or two and a few statement pieces of jewellery - you should be all set! Plenty of space for a book or, if you're a blogger, a camera bag!

I do hope you're all having an amazing summer and that my UK-based readers have managed to cool off a bit this week! Let me know in the comments below if you found this helpful, and where you're heading this summer! I promise I won't be too jealous ;)


  1. Amazing post and lucky you, I hope you have a great time :) I also want to try bioderma I have heard so much rave reviews on it <3 xx
    Clutch Giveaway

    1. Thanks lovely!! I'm sure I will once we get past the 4 1/2 hour train journey today... Ouch! Bioderma is definitely worth the hype, and I think it's stocked at some Boots now? Grab it if you find it!

      Thanks for reading & commenting hon. T x

  2. Oooh enjoy your trip! I could do with a getaway! I have every single product in the second photo, I swear by that Bumble & Bumble spray it's totally worth the money. I don't travel anywhere without my quilted Barbour jacket you never know in the UK.
    Nina from little nomad

    1. Thank you love - it was SO needed :) It definitely took me a while to work out how the Surf Spray was going to work for my hair but I LOVE it now - perfect for that 'undone done' look. Oooh - quilted Barbour jacket - just got a major case of heart eyes. Might need to add that to the wishlist! Thanks for reading and commenting, chick ;) T x


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