So now seems as good a time as any to compile a little '30 before 30' list and set some goals in place to keep me focused, motivated, and best of all, having fun during this mid-to-latter half of my twenties. I've loved reading these tags on blogs like the beautiful A Girl A Style and in magazines, too. I feel like a solid five years sets me enough time to chomp away at a good chunk of these goals, right? That's my story and I'm sticking to it! On to the goals...
1. Learn how to make a (really good!) roast dinner. The basics have always eluded me with cooking, but I will conquer this one somehow!

2. Visit Italy, specifically Rome, and try REAL pizza and gelato. Self explanatory but it has to be done!

3. Go on, or plan, at least one, life-changing 'big trip'. The idea of 'upping sticks and going traveling' has been ping-ponged back and forth between J and I for years. I don't know if that will be feasible, but we are both pretty determined to do a big America tour for our joint 30th birthday.

4. Land a well-paid job on my career path. This might sound basic, but anyone who has graduated in the past 5 years/is set to graduate soon will understand why it's a goal!

5. Continue to learn to love myself. Can this be on everyone's goal lists please? It's so important.

6. Learn Italian.

7. Buy a 'SAD' lightbox to help me through winter. I suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and during English winter times I can get really depressed (I can write a post about this, if anyone would like?). I've been told by friends that a light box really helps your body adjust by producing light that mimics that of the sun.

8. Go and see Kings of Leon again. I went to the MEN show last week and I can't shut up about it. I've been wanting to go and see them since I was about 15/16 and it was so, so worth the wait.

9. Visit New York again. 

10. Work internationally. I don't know where, but I can't imagine my life in the UK forevermore. You never know what the future will bring, but working abroad is something I loved, and something I'd do again.

11. Take more photographs, practice, get better.

12. Start a diary/journal. I lost my great aunt last year - we were very close, and one of the things I took from the house when we cleared it out was an old diary of hers. She kept a diary every day for most of her life and was meticulous about it. I can still remember her asking me to go over what we had done the day before so that she could be as accurate as possible. She was never that concerned with legacy as a person, but I like to think those words are her own little form of self-preservation.

13. Give back to my parents. However grand or small the gesture might be. I want to at least be able to give them the peace of mind that I'm taken care of.

14. Build my savings account...

15.  ... But also buy an 'investment' designer bag for myself.

16. Visit Australia/New Zealand. This is a biggie for sure and might not actually be feasible but hey, a girl can dream, right?!

17. Write a short story. I've attempted it before and never actually seen it through. I'd really like to.

18. Make a home. I feel like I've started on this one already. This encompasses so much, but it basically means create a space which, no matter where it might move to, feels comfortable and safe to me.

19. Pitch my first story/feature. To anyone. 

20. Aim to be the healthiest I've ever been & complete a walk/run for a charity.

21. Send letters, postcards, thoughtful messages and 'just because' packages to my family and friends. I really want to value my loved ones and spoil them when I can. We've lost two very special members of our family over the last year and it really hit home that small things leave a big hole when you're missing someone.

22. Create new traditions. J and I go on 'date nights' whenever we can afford it, and most recently we went out for drinks and dancing, just the two of us. It was amazing. I'd like to create new things we do together, things I do for myself, holiday traditions.

23. Own a pet. This one might clash a slight with the whole 'work internationally' thing, but I desperately want a little kitten or puppy to fawn over!

24. Grow my library. Yes, I want to be one of those people with a library. Sorry, not sorry.

25. Inspire someone. I think this is a 'life goal' really, but. Hopefully this is achievable, someday.

26. Make YouTubes!! If only for my friends and family, for visual memories of good days.

27. Finish all the books on this list. It was a goal to get started on this as part of my Summer Bucket List, but I have a feeling it's going to take me all five years to nail this one!

28. Meet a personal hero. They say you should never meet your heroes, but screw it, eh? Life's too short.

29. Go hiking and fishing in the Lake District.

30. Practice more peace, love, and stillness. Stay in the now. So this is a lot of goals in one, but everything in this sentence is crucial to me! STOP WORRYING, START LIVING!

Phew! Looks like I've got a lot to be getting on with. Have you got a 30 before 30 list? Would you ever make one? Link me to your posts if you have one or comment below with some of your goals!!


  1. I am in the middle of writing mine! x

    1. Oh please link me to it when you're done Amy!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting :) T x


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