(Pictured from L to R: 'Fiji', 'Sunday Funday', 'Come Here!', 'Naughty Nautical', 'In The Cab-Ana', 'Under Where?', 'Full Steam Ahead')

I've made no secret in the past of my love for Essie nail polishes. It's a love that turned into a somewhat obsessive need to visit the diffusion line counter every time I visit my local Boots or Superdrug (yes, I live in a place where both stock it. It's very dangerous). So when I found out that the Essie Resort Collection for 2013 wasn't coming to the UK, I was a little bummed out. The bummed out turned into scheming, and the scheming found that the collection was available on ASOS, and it was swiftly added to my basket. With cute turquoise-blues like In The Cab-Ana and the hot red-pink of Come Here! I was sold. And then, Essie, that tumultuous temptress, went and bit me in the ass.

The diffusion Summer 2013 line arrived in Boots around June, and I was delighted with the selection. Juicy, summer colours with a hint of shimmer running through them? I'm there. Happily, Boots was running a 'Buy One, Get One Half Price' deal on Essie polishes and I was fully-equipped to take advantage. I figured the most cost-effective way of trying as many shades as I could (in the interest of research, of course), was to buy the Summer 2013 minis kit (a trio of three mini versions of the shades Sunday Funday, Naughty Nautical and Full Steam Ahead) alongside a full-size shade (I chose Rock The Boat), for a grand total of around £16. £16 for four shades takes each shade down to a more reasonable £4 each, which I was prepared to swallow. All for the good of the blog. 

However, when I got these home and got to applying, I found I had a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth. The shades were, as usual, gorgeous, opaque, and applied beautifully thanks to the wide diffusion line brush (Essie US nail polishes still have a ridiculously thin applicating brush, as I discovered with the Resort collection). But what I couldn't help but notice was how similar the shades were to the ones I had just ordered, or some other Essie favourites from my standing collection. I swatched them for you guys to see and tell me if you agree.

Sunday Funday is a great summer colour - I don't dispute it. But so are Essie's Fiji and Come Here!, two shades which appear to be parents, or very closely related siblings, of Sunday Funday. Two coats of each reveals that Sunday Funday sits somewhere in the middle of the two. It's lovely, and the shimmer adds a little sumpn sumpn, but is it really necessary?

One comparison that really got on my wick was the closeness of Naughty Nautical and In The Cab-Ana. The latter is ever so slightly more blue, but even when holding them up to the light, there's a barely noticeable difference. And to bring the shades out within less than a month of one another? Not cricket, Essie. I feel like this one is just preying on fans of your good name. F for effort on this one.

Another irritant is the similarity of Under Where? and Full Steam Ahead, which I think sit together with Lilacism somewhere in the middle of them (I don't have that shade, but see it swatched here). Under Where? is a tiny bit more pinky, where as Full Steam Ahead is a more cool-toned true lilac with, of course, the same shimmer running through it. I just feel a bit like - come on guys, you could have done more than pick more or less the same colours and sticking some shimmer, however subtle and lovely, into them. Am I asking too much?

I am still an ardent fan of Essie's as I believe the colour selection (in general) is beautiful, and I usually love their subtle differences between their neutral, permanent collection. However, this just feels a bit exploitative. What with the collections being released so close together and looking so similar... I just think it's a poor show. The moral here, for me anyway is, always do your research on upcoming releases. I could have saved myself £16 on the Resort collection and just waited for the Summer line!

What are your feelings about Essie nail polish? Are you a big fan, or not so much? Do you have any other nail varnish recommendations I should try?


  1. I completely agree! So many of Essie polishes are really similar in colour. Mine always end up varying in how well they apply as well, annoyingly. I've rediscovered my love for the Bourjois 1 seconde nail polishes recently, they're lovely :) xx

    D Is For...

    1. Unfortunately I've found more or less the same thing Dannielle - they just always get me with their damn shade selection!! I've been meaning to try the 1-seconde polishes!! Do you have any colour recommendations I should check out?

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, lovely! T x

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