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My very first issue of what is hopefully a new feature here on TGG - The Weekender. I'm SUCH a fan of peoples' round-up weekend posts of what they've been loving on the ole WWW that I've decided to join in on the party. Albeit probably completely late, I bring with me gifts I've scoured from far and wide to perk-up your Saturday eve. 
1. A sneak-peek from The Coveteur's Instagram feed told me that Miranda Kerr's wardrobe will soon be featured on the site. Oh. My. A-Gahd. As if that wasn't enough, those minxes at Into The Gloss have gone and done a feature on her new skincare line. Now, I don't know what 'noni juice' is exactly, but my project for next month is to find some and inhale it. If it makes me look anywhere near Ms. Kerr, it's worth it.

2. Watching cute little excerpts from Anna Saccone's family trip to Italy has given me a maaaajor case of wanderlust. It also might have made me a bit broody. Too soon to tell.

3. This post on staying organized from Kate of gh0stparties made me want to run to the nearest Paperchase and buy all the things. I'm pretty sure that was the moral of that post, right Kate?

4. This project explores what happens when two friends with opposite dating problems decide to date each other for forty days. They're posting updates from their experiment (conducted earlier in the year) daily until August 16th. I can't wait to find out what happened!

5. This week I discovered the calico Labrador exists. You're welcome.

6. I also discovered that if you partake in a 30 day squat challenge, your legs will burn. A lot.

7. The second Catching Fire trailer came out, and my brain did catch fire a little bit.

8. I drooled over this Zara dress a lot. And it's on sale. Do you need any more reasons?
I hope you've all had a brilliant, productive week. I'm currently somewhere down South beginning my week off, but have no fear, I've stacked up some posts for my absence and I will be back, renewed and rejuvenated, next Saturday. Until then... see you Monday!

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