As long as you got your Suit and Tie - that's right, isn't it JT?

What a dapper gent!

The gigis getting ready for the first race!

Our little home away from home - we stayed at Broomhill on the Cowdray Cottages estate. It was gorgeous! Highly recommended.

A little glimpse of our trip to Goodwood from the beginning of the month! Sorry for the sporadic posts lately, but there are some exciting changes happening at TGG and hopefully soon I'll be able to speak about them. Thanks so much for always reading and commenting - talking to you guys and making new friends really makes my day!

I do hope you guys are enjoying the blog and you're having a wonderful summer - let me know what you're getting up to in the comments!


  1. I hope it was a glorious trip! I'd love to go to the races--someday... Although, I'd best splash out on a special dress to match the dapperness of that gent!

    1. Aw it was lovely, thank you Angela. The races are a lot of fun! Between you and I - I did splash out a little on my outfit, but with a boy that dapper next to me, I figured it was justified ;) Thanks so much for reading and commenting! T x


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