So you guys might or might not have noticed the lack of a Weekender last Saturday... I mentioned on Monday that there were some exciting things going on at TGG HQ and I'm happy to say I'll be able to tell you all more about that next week! Basically a big change for me and some exciting prospects for the blog as we look to the future together - wahoo! But until then, settle in with my sweep of this week's best on the world wide webz... Yep. I went there.
1. Not to get all I-Robot on you but... this article freaked me the HALE out.
2. I just got a new job (yay! More on that next week...) and every time I pass this dress in the window of my local Whistles I just want to grab it and run.
3. Stumbling across Freya's blog Nishaantishu this week was one of my happiest finds. This post on a day in her summer cottage makes me long for those summer nights out in the country again.
4. I am slowly but surely making my way through this list of TED Talks That Will Change Your Life. It may or may not have led to a purchase of Brene Brown's book.
5. I've been a fan of Sophie's blog The Private Life of A Girl for a while now, but this post on a DIY toner tonic about sent me over the edge.
6. Beyonce never fails. First I swooned over her pixie cut, now I'm digging her 'barely shoulder grazing' wispy 'do. I can has your life, B?
7. Obsessed isn't a strong enough word for how I feel about Kings of Leon's new song, Supersoaker. And how beautiful do they all look in the video? Unfair things.
8. Reading Tracy Anderson's profile on Into The Gloss reminded me how much I liked using her 'Method' DVDs. Time to roll out the yoga mat...
I really hope you guys enjoy my picks and that you've had an exciting, fun-filled week. How are you guys spending your last weeks of summer? Any of my readers getting ready to go back to school? Let me know in the comments below!


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