In case you can't already tell, everything has gone a little autumn-mad on the blog lately! I think everyone in England really celebrates this time of year because, for the short time it's here, you can still go outside for a long walk without instantly regretting the decision, and it marks the last little bit of warmth we get before we all go into hibernation. In honour of that, and the dropping temperatures (let's not even START on this supposed hurricane we're meant to face on Monday), I thought I'd put together a little 'best of' mix of my Autumn wishes. Much akin to my earlier Summer Bucket List, here are some of the things I'm digging for the current climes...
1. Make a fruit pie - my first one!! I'm thinking cherry or rhubarb. More on this to come, perhaps? We also have a 'Cake Day' at work and the Wednesday after next is my first time baking for it - eek!
2. Try out some bolder make up looks in my day-to-day routine.
3. Carve an epic pumpkin!
4. Get my fill of the epic Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates at Starbucks while they last!!
5. Start Christmas shopping, and make some beautiful Christmas gift guides - it's never too early, right?
6. Finish the last little bits of unpacking and organizing, and get the house nice and cosy for winter.
7. Do some lovely weekend & holiday reading and enjoy the colder days indoors!
8. Make my first roast dinner in the new place!
9. Get an Autumn/Winter-ready haircut and colour. Something like this is tickling my fancy at the mo'.
10. Dedicate Sunday late afternoons/evenings to pampering myself and my skin as it has really been crying out for some TLC lately.
What are your favourite autumn pass-times and traditions? Any Halloween parties on the horizon? I wish I was dressing up this year (um, Jesse and Walt from Breaking Bad, anyone?), but World War Z and a big bowl of sweet and salty popcorn await me with my honey. Lavly.

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