The Weekender rises! Like a phoenix from the ashes. And that's kind of how I've been feeling this week - I've been poorly, off sick from work and largely huddled up in blankets and duvets trying to feel better whilst being red-faced and ruddy nosed. Suffice it to say beauty and looking good has not been high up on the priority list. But between marathon-watching Breaking Bad (I'm up to S5 E8!), these are the bits and bobs that have been cheering me up and catching my eye over the past week...
1. Designer versions of Disney princess dresses? I'm SO there.
2. Amidst illness, my scalp has also been playing games with me. Thanks, body! So I've been referring to ViviannaDoesMakeUp's Tender Loving (Scalp) Care post to help me though.
3. This Yankee Candle has been the only thing getting me through being horrifically sick and not having much of a sense of smell.
4. This article on how to look like a French girl has been the subject of much note-taking. Because really, who doesn't want that?
5. I finally got around to reading The Coveteur's special on Miranda Kerr, which has only served to further my obsession with her.
6. After a recent particularly bad bout of eczema, I was doing some research into making my home a little less chemical-ly and found Planet Organic. Cue getting lost in the beauty section for a good hour. Korres shampoo, I'm coming for you!
7. Yes, I'm already getting excited about Christmas, and yes, this little beaut of a palette will be a Christmas gift to myself.
8. Talking about getting excited, the new Hunger Games trailer came out this week. Cue fangirling.
 I hope you've had a warm and snuggly week leading into a chilled weekend - I had the mother of all lie-ins this morning and goodness knows, I needed it! What are you all up to right now? Leave me a comment with some of your favourites from the week!

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