Well, it's been a while, hasn't it my loves? Autumn has come and gone, and it seems winter and Christmas crept up on me all of a sudden... No, I haven't been hibernating - although I wish I had! The past month or so has been a massive stress - my health has really suffered with a lot of very boring offline stuff that I won't drag you through - suffice it to say, I'm fighting fit again and back, ready to attack blogging again with full vigor and enthusiasm! You might notice some of the lovely things up there in the photographs... What can I say? You can bring me down, but I won't be broken!

This lovely post from Caroline Hirons (do you hear angels singing when you say her name too? Just me?) was followed by a tirade of similar ones from my favourite bloggers (Lily Pebbles, Anna from VDM, Amelia from Liana Beauty) - the long and the short of the story is, they are all enablers. Fabulous, but enablers all the same. Spend £150 and get a bag full of goodies worth £200?! I mean, really, was I going to say no to a £50 gift card at Space NK? The maths did itself!! So I dragged myself out of bed early on November 20th to make a cheeky little order before heading into work - don't worry, it wasn't all for me! I managed to sneak in some Christmas pressies for some very special ladies in my life (not pictured above - no prying eyes, you lot!)... But there may have been a fair few treats for me too. Here's a little breakdown of the haul (products with an asterisk are part of the GWP goodie bag), and what you can expect to see cropping up on the blog soon!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and will stick around - we should be back for good now, folks (cue Take That). Leave me a comment if you've got any of these products and let me know what you think! Did you take part in the Space NK Wish List event?


  1. Glad to hear you are back to health and kicking some blog ass! New follower here, I feel you may be my new enabler!
    Donna xx

    1. Oh thank you lovely girl! Aaah, Donna, we enablers are best friends and worst enemies - I hope I'm worthy of the task! Thanks so much for commenting and following, I'll look forward to catching up soon :) T xx


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