.... It had to happen sometime!! Right now is my most favourite time of year, and I felt like the blog needed a new lick of paint and a little sump'n sump'n to give it a little boost. So what was the remedy? Christmas lights of course! I'm no great designer over here but I'm quite happy with the winter-y, Christmassy feel for the moment, so we'll go with it! I just wanted to say thanks so much for reading the blog and for those of you that follow - keep your eyes peeled for a little festive giveaway happening soon! This time of year is all about appreciating those you love and giving back, even to people you might not know that well, so I'd really like to take some time to appreciate you all. 2013 has been a doozy, so let's see it out properly!

I thought I'd take a quick minute to remind you of some of those awesome social media things you can join TGG on, because everyone loves someone who participates, right?

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