It's no secret - my love of Essie nail varnishes is pretty well-documented. And when a new season rolls around, nothing makes me happier that rifling through my little lacquer stash and pulling out some new hues to sport. Let's be honest, no one brings it in the colour stakes quite like Essie. I will admit to the odd butter london and OPI shade catching my attention, but for some reason I just keep going back to my ol' faithfuls. I've yet to find a top coat up to the task of helping 'em all stick around, but that's a story for another day... On to the pick of the pack for autumn/winter this year...

Penny Talk - This little number came out around the Olympics - there was a gold, silver and bronze set from Essie and I just couldn't resist the novelty. Guilty... So, although this was technically summer 2012, I can't resist this copper-y, almost rose-gold shade for wintertime. Winter is all about the metallics anyway, right?

For the Twill of It - Now this baby was a part of Essie's AW offering for this year. While everyone else was having kittens over After School Boy Blazer, which was absolutely gorgeous, I couldn't resist this duochrome green/purple. It was unlike anything I'd seen and I knew straight-away it had to be mine. The boyf's winner of a description was spot-on: 'It looks like petrol in the sunshine. That's cool.'

Recessionista - This was AW last year I believe - the Stylenomics collection if memory serves. A really lovely deep purple/pinky colour, which is quite hard to pin down. It's sort of like a more pinky, creamy version of Bahama Mama. It's awesomesauce for work, and always makes me feel polished and autumnal.

Don't Sweater It - First of all, this name. I'm quite sure I get sucked in just by the name of these polishes sometimes. This is a beautiful grey-brown mink that looks chic on the nails, one of those 'I just threw this on, it goes with everything' kind of colours. And it also just looks really lovely next to wool. I don't know why. Just does.

Rock the Boat - YES, there is a pastel here! In case you missed the 1,000 blog posts about THAT pink Topshop coat, pastels are a bit of a thang this winter. And this one is for those (like me) who might not be quite sure where and how to fit them in. This is a grey-cast blue with a subtle shimmer running through it which just makes me think of icicles and snowflakes. It'd be a lovely unconventional pick for Christmas parties if you don't want to go for a full-out glitter (although, don't ask me why you wouldn't). I call this a 'Cinderella dress' blue, and that's about as accurate as I can get, description-wise.

Do you have any of these colours? What are your picks for autumn/winter nail varnishes? Enable me!!


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    1. Aw thanks Jenny!! I'm planning a glittery nail post for later this month too - can you tell I get excited about this time of year? ;D T xx


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