Dear Tami,

2013 was a bit mad, eh? If I had to sum up your year in a word, it would be 'turbulent'. Or maybe 'rollercoaster', because you're not keen on flying, and that's one thing that was pretty consistent this year, if nothing else. You started, as you end the year, still in love, but back then still unsure of yourself and what you brought to the table. You started, and conclude 2013, with amazing friends, and a loving, supportive family. A family that got suddenly smaller once again this year, but a family that displayed incredible strength and togetherness, even in the face of immense sadness. There were amazing highs of getting a job you really loved and moving to a new city, but there were also the lows of losing loved ones, and seeing ones you love experience pain. I wish I could say here that 2014 was going to be better, but I don't know that it will. What I do know is that this year gave you the tools for the rest. I feel like you can move forward a little more fearless than last year. You're becoming more yourself every day, and you worry less now. You're beginning to feel more confident as you feel like you are more worthy, and contributing to the lives of others. That's the best. I hope that doesn't change in 2014. 

'The Guilty Girl' was born out of feeling like I never quite deserved to have nice things, because earlier this year my money and work situation wasn't great, and I would spend my days dreaming about a life I wanted to have. I think I missed the point a little. I don't know at what point you realise being happy now, at every moment, is the greatest achievement any of us can do, but it's an important thing to learn. I hope that you all reading this remember to try to be happy, to make room for joy. Life's too short and too fragile for anything else.

And when you're lucky enough to have a little extra pocket money? You can treat yourself to a nice thing if you like. Guilt-free. I bet you deserve it.


  1. Happy New Year! I hope that 2014 brings you a lot of happiness <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Thank you so much Jennie! I hope 2014 is a good one for you :) Thanks for commenting lovely! Txx

  2. Having a nose through your blog after the lbloggers chat (hope that doesnt sound too stalkery!) Loved this post. A lot!
    M x Life Outside London

  3. Aww thank you so much Michelle, that means a lot to me - it was a pretty personal one. And don't you worry - not stalkery at all! Stalk away! Hahahahah. Thanks so much for reading and commenting <3 T xx


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