So, let's be real. Beauty blogs are fun and e'erthang, fostering pipe dreams of a Muji encased treasure trove of make up and skincare products, all shot in perfect soft lighting with just the right amount of blurry background - but is that real life? Eh. Everyone has their not so sexy moments and products that they maybe don't want to discuss, and are a little embarrassed to ask for help with. I, for one, suffer really badly with dry, flaky skin and eczema. It can get really bad, to the point where I noticed in a bathroom mirror a few weeks ago that my under-eye concealing work had pretty much turned into a cornflakes-style party of skin. Alllriiiiiight. 

I've started the HELP! series specifically to talk about those mini-crises which sometimes crop up, and which we might not otherwise want to discuss. For all my dry-skinned babes out there, I'm about to drop some truth for ya. Let's roll...

Preventative products I find helpful: La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 is absolutely stonking for skin that is just starting to get dry. This doesn't help with my flare-ups of eczema (read: angry, fiercely itchy red patches that look almost raw), but it does smooth and moisturise the very desperately dry skin on the surface of my arms.
Caudelie Divine Oil is my new little love (thanks Space NK GWP!) - I've taken to smoothing this on after a shower because it just feels so damn great. It isn't greasy or 'oily', but rather soaks right in and just leaves everything feeling silky smooth and so nourished. I actively feel my skin lapping this up and loving it.

Products to use in the worst of times: Straight up, the only thing I've found that helps in the dark times is a prescription steroid cream from my doctor. I try to only use these continually as prescribed for about two days at a time (by which point I've usually got lovely new soft skin again), but I am really keen to learn more about how to treat severe eczema naturally - not too in love with the whole 'thinning the surface of your skin' idea. Maybe I'll try an oatmeal bath next time...

For bad patches on the skin on my face (I've had a couple around my jawline bizarrely?) the Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask really comes into its own. I was previously not-so sold on this one, but for dry patches? Oh man, does that baby plump. It's like a little nectarine-scented cuddle. Divine.

Skincare steps to include: DO NOT skip out on any extra moisture you can get. Especially in winter. Your skin is going to need every last bit. For that reason, I've been using Hydraluron (post incoming) before I even think about putting my moisturiser near my skin. This feels tacky, kind of like a gel on my skin, and I don't feel it actively doing much, but man do I notice a difference in the softness of my skin when I don't use it. It sucks up every last bit of moisture from my not-overly-moisturising Origins GinZing! Moisturiser and has always come through for me when my face really needed it!

Next, I'm totally in love with the whole oil-after-moisturising step for winter. I've been using the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate and I cannot. stop. touching. my. face. It's lovely. I don't know what it is about it, but whatever is happening, my skin is drinking it up. I will never scrimp out on using a face oil during the cold months again!

Triggers: Pretty much anything can be a trigger for eczema if you go off Google, but here are the things that make my life difficult - eating a lot of wheat, eating/drinking a lot of dairy, having a high-salt diet, using any kind of laundry detergent for my clothes that isn't Fairy Non Bio, hard water (welcome to Oxford, Tami!), Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows (so. gutted.), clarifying shampoos, cigarette smoke, sea water, synthetic materials, cheaply made mascara, severe stress. Are you getting a sense for how much of a joy this can be to live with yet?

Let me know in the comments if you've had problems with very dry skin or eczema in the past, and what you've found to be helpful! I promise for every cringe story you've got, I've got at least one more....

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  1. I hate hard water, too. After 1 week of using hard water to wash my face, it caused a mild flare-up :(


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