I figured I might just be within my 'let's look back for the hell of it' limits at two weeks later to show you some pictures from my Christmas this year. I was lucky enough to spend it with my beautiful family at Cherbridge Cottages just outside of Oxford, which was wonderful. The lodge actually really impressed, aside from questionable internet, but the break from being 'constantly connected' was actually a pretty welcome one. Anyway - I hope you enjoy the pictures after the jump!

How did you guys spend your Christmas? Tell me in the comments!

And... for my mum, who is in fact, the biggest badass I know:

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season if you celebrate, and that 2014 is treating you all well!


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    1. Yep, she's the best. I miss her so much already... T xx

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time! I love your mums tshirt thats so cute! :) lovely blog hun, I'm following!

    www.thefrancescadiaries.com x

    1. Aw thanks Francesca I really did!! She's a little badass, isn't she? Hahahah I love her <33 Thank you so much for reading, commenting and following, love your blog! T xx


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