0 - Number of purchases made in the January sales - shocker!
2 - Visits to Cleaver for burgers (oops!)
21 - Walks into work listening to Beyonce's new album (yes, I know all the words now)
1 - New patch of mold discovered on our bedroom wall. Delightful.
2 - Bags of Mini Eggs purchased and consumed ALREADY.
0 - Days of snow. WTF Winter, just go home already. You're drunk.
1 - Complete change of clothes necessary after getting completely soaked walking home in the rain.
13 - Visits to our new bird feeder by one very plump, handsome robin. We've also had blue and grey tits too!
3 - Appearances of our favourite neighbourhood cat. He has little white socks and an all black body. I love him.
2 - Visits to the pub, one for a football game, and the other for a leisurely lunch on Sunday. I love that we're getting to be 'locals' at our little pub in Jericho, it makes it feel so much more homely here.
3 - Oscar screeners watched - American Hustle, August: Osage County and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
70,000 - The amount (GBP) generated in revenue by the email campaigns I've been working on this month - such a rewarding feeling!
2,000 - Our joint savings goal for this year, hopefully to put towards our first car!
100 - Mini marshmallows on top of life-saving hot chocolates consumed.
1 - Book read - 'Let It Snow', reviewed here.
10 - Days into the New Year without our TV - we were so happy to welcome it back, all fixed and shiny and new, just in time for the Six Nations (J is chomping at the bit for it to get started!)
1 - Very special piece of good news for J.
37 - Days until I see my Mum again!!!

I hope you enjoyed this little post for something different - I always find January such a slog to get through, so I couldn't be happier to get to Saturday really! If you fancy doing one of these blog posts, leave me a comment so I can read it! I'm such a big fan of lists, I really am. Shocking. 


  1. I absolutely love the idea of this post!! It reminds me of the beginning of chapters in Bridget Jones' Diary! =)

    I've just discovered your blog after seeing you on Adrienne from Late Night Nonsense's twitter feed, and just fancied having a little peek. I really love it so far - you have a new dedicated reader, lovely! Keep up the wonderful work! xx

    Sarah | Squares - Bookworm and Beauty Enthusiast

  2. This is such a lovely post!! :)

    Rachel [at] AMomentInTime.



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