We're all no strangers to the MUJI drawer post by now. These handy organisers from heaven make the perfect home for any girl's beauty bumf, and I'm proud to say I joined the acrylic club this Christmas and haven't looked back since. So allow me to take you through what made the oh-so coveted top drawer cut...

Urban Decay Naked Basics palette is a little saviour - when I'm not using these matte neutrals to do a simple smokey everyday eye, I use the shade 'Faint' to fill in my brows. Absolute travel-sized multi-tasking heaven.

Nars Laguna - a cult classic for good reason. This shade is perfect on me in summer and winter, applied with a lighter hand when I'm paler but I can really go to town with this bad boy when I've got a tan. It doesn't ever cast orange when applied, and gives my cheeks warmth and a little hollowness (thank you Nars).

Dior Diorskin Nude BB cream is a base I've waxed lyrical about already so I won't bore you again - in essence, it's perfect. Comfortable, radiant, dewy but not too much, blendable and easy to work with. It can oxidise a little darker on some skins, but I have to say this isn't something I've overly noticed.

Kevyn Aucoin The Essential mascara was love at first application, but this is a teensy sample size and I have no idea what I will do when it runs out. Boo. This is a lovely everyday mascara (what I was looking for) that brings smokey volume to lashes, it's really easy to control which means I can keep it simple and defined for the day, or really amp it up for drama with night-time looks. Heaven.

fresh Brown Sugar rollerball perfume - one of two scents in the whole world that actually caused my half-asleep boyfriend to nuzzle into me and say 'You smell goooood'. I don't say this lightly - this smell is sweet, a little spicy, and has a nice hit of citrus (lime I think?) which stops it from being too saccharine.

Rimmel blush in Santa Rose is the baby of the Tarte blush I keep in here - a beautiful dusky peach colour which is a perfect neutral for your cheeks. It won't pull focus from anything else you're doing make-up wise and compliments a red lip beautifully.

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed - this is heaven. There I said it. There will be a dedicated post following soon, but honestly I think this is one of the prettiest blushes I've owned, ever. It's a gorgeous nude rose which works with whatever make up I'm wearing and looks particularly amazeballs on my autumn/winter skin, bringing warmth and life to my face.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light is something I totally fell for. I spent hours (hours!! I kid you not) watching YouTubes about these, reading blogposts, putting powders into my basket and then deleting them - back and forth until finally a Space NK giftcard pushed me over the edge. I do notice a more perfected look to my base when I use this, and I like the light it seems to bring to my skin, but this whole 'Photoshop in a powder' thing? Jury's out.

Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base came free with my 'And God Created The Woman' palette (more to come!), and I was hesitant at first about using this because my eyelids, if anything, are patchy and dry and far from oily. However I actually find using a primer helps keep my skin hydrated under make-up and helps with that itchy, gotta-rub-my-eyes feeling that usually happens after about half an hour!

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla - another completely hype-based buy, but one that hasn't left my make-up rotation since it found its way here. Believe the hype with this one. This concealer doesn't settle into fine lines or cling to dry patches, it doesn't flake or budge, but rather sits beautifully under the eyes and brightens, hydrates and is lusciously creamy and covering (in a good way!). I love this concealer for under eyes (Vanilla is too light to use on the rest of my face, so jury's out on blemishes/facial coverage), so much so that I'm not even courting ideas of testing anything else out. I've found my match. Done.
What made your 'top drawer' cut? Are any of these products ones you reach for every day? Do you guys have any MUJI storage posts? I love reading them!


  1. Nice products in your top drawer! I definitely want to try more Nars stuff, and I too wax lyrically about the Dior BB cream. It's just too perfect.

    Kelly | secondhandspring

    1. Thanks Kelly! I learn from the best ;) Oh you should definitely try Nars products, I'm totally obsessed with them. I can't get them too easily living where I do, but that's probably a good thing for my bank balance! T xx


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