Well, someone has been a lucky little bee this Christmas. My family and loved ones really treated me and I was absolutely overwhelmed and delighted with what I received - I honestly love giving presents to my family and making a big to-do of them on Christmas day, so opening my presents was just icing on an already pretty awesomesauce cake. 

The Converse came courtesy of my lovely boyfriend, who knew I had been lusting after a pair of hi-tops for the best part of the year, but kept putting them off due to my fear of 'tree-trunk short leg syndrome'. I'm happy to be kicked in the butt about that worry, and will be strutting all over town in them once this stupid January rain gets lost. Sooner rather than later please...

Tons of books always make me happy and I'm SO excited to have some new John Green to get my teeth into, as well as to read JK Rowling's 'The Cuckoo's Calling' that she released under a pseudonym, sneaky devil! I'm also forever indebted to my family for getting me the (almost invisible in the above photos - sorry!) MUJI acrylic storage system for my dresser - it was desperately needed! Prepare yourselves for the imminent 'What's on my dresser...' post to follow.

Aside from this gorgeous haul of goodies, my family also surprised me with a subscription to Allure magazine (winning!) and a shiny new iPad mini with Retina (honestly nearly cried). I have been so fortunate this year and really don't know what to say other than I'm so grateful, overwhelmed and definitely ignoring January sales altogether this year - I'm more than happy with my lot!

As seems customary with posts like these, I'm not sharing any of this to show off, I love these kind of posts and YouTube videos and if you don't like them, please feel free to ignore this one, too! If you have your own 'What I Got For Christmas' post or YouTube - please link it below! As I said, I'm a big enthusiast/nosy person, and I love these posts!

Also... any app suggestions for the new iPad? I'm so in love with it, all I do is make heart eyes at it and lay it gently on surfaces when I'm done with it - I want to get to app-ing my little fingers off!

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