Being a writer and reader of beauty blogs, it is a safe assumption that you're bombarded with product launches, rave reviews and tempting swatches everywhere you turn - it's a feast for the senses and, sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming. I've reached one such point with my skincare and, to be honest, it's starting to get me down a little. So I thought I'd hand over to those who know best - all of you!

Whilst I've pinned down a good cleanse, tone, treat and moisturise selection, I have yet to find *the one* in terms of an eye cream. As I'm going to be turning the wrong side of 25 this summer, this seems like the right time to get this dusted. 

As a bit of background on my face (har har), the biggest complaint I have is dry/flakey patches and easily irritated eyes. I can suffer from dark circles of a morning but it's not a massive concern, and I have noticed the odd little bump of milia on the skin under my eyes (joy!).

So, this post is quite literally over to you: please comment with your recommendations, experiences, chuck everything at me and let's get talking and swap war stories. Well, yanno what I mean...


  1. During my nighttime routine I use Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado, gentle but incredibly moisturizing.

    I find it's too rich for the morning, so I'm still trying to pin that down. I'm now using the roller from the Boots Botanics line, but in the market for a better one.

    Hope that helps!
    Kelly | secondhandspring

  2. I am definitely picking up the Origins GinZing Eye Cream when I'm in the States next month! I trialled it a little while ago and thought it was really lovely and brightening. I don't tend to suffer from much dryness at all, so perhaps this may be more suited as a morning eye cream for you, but I would definitely recommend trying a sample if you can!

  3. I'm terrible when it comes to eyes creams, my peepers are terribly neglected! I get dry patches too, sort of between my under eye area and the very tops of my cheeks but I think I've pinpointed that to chemical exfoliants so I'm a lot more careful now.
    Maybe we can shop for one together at the meet-up! x

  4. The Lancome Genefique eye serum is a little pricey but it does the job perfectly :)


    Sade xo

  5. Kiehl's has a lot of good choices of eye cream! Try checking out their products :)

    Hope you'll check out my blog too

  6. My favourite that I've tried is the Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes, though I only tried a 5ml sample from their Hydration and Radiance Kit. It's a really nice texture, very hydrating, sinks into the skin well and has a cooling effect. It is super expensive by itself but affordable if purchased in the set.

  7. I'm still hunting too, but I can vouch that the Simple roll-on eye cream made no difference what-so-ever, so even though it's a bargain, it just doesnt work

    lillies and lipbalm

  8. I love "You Won't Believe Your Eyes" by Soap and Glory! I use it morning and night at the moment, really refreshing and really does seem to brighten up the whole eye area. :) For a bit of a treat though I absolutely love LOVE the AlphaH Absolute Eye Complex. Pricey but you can find some good deals about for sets sometimes! :) xxxx


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