As a new recruit of the clinically insane few people who workout at work, during their lunch hour (one of the girls in my office was horrified as I returned, a little flushed, and after her asking me where I went for lunch I replied 'to the gym' - I think she thought I was an alien), I have grown to learn and appreciate the ways of the post-gym beauty touch up. In order to avoid the whole sweaty, ruddy-faced, frizzy-haired mess that generally emerges once I step off the elliptical, I've honed in on a super-speedy, no-frills, bare bones routine that restores me to somewhere near human-looking for the rest of my working day.

Face First: If you're a girl (like me) that turns bright pink after the slightest bit of physical activity, you must experience my levels of hot-mess-ness after a workout. But never fear! We've got the goods to bring us back to normality. Foundation is the LAST thing on my mind when I'm rushing to get back up to my desk, ain't nobody got time fo'dat, so I propose a bit of strategic concealing and some *lightly applied* translucent powder to reduce shine on your forehead and oilier areas of the face. Pictured above are my cheap and cheerful product pinks, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and the Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Pressed Powder. Powder lovingly and evenly distributed with the Real Techniques Powder Brush, which I adore - takes all of the thought out of powder, bronzer, you name it. Heaven.

Bring Back the Glam (a bit): We all need a little oomph to remind us that yes, underneath all the gross, there are some happy bubbling endorphins at work after a calorie burning sesh. To give yourself a little visible 'lift', I apply Baby Lips in Cherry Red lightly to my lips with my finger (for that effortless, barely there sort of deal), which will hopefully serve to tone down any red/pink tones in my cheeks and draw attention elsewhere. I also like to serve up a little flutter with the Kevyn Aucoin Essential mascara in black. Beautiful everyday flirty lashes in about 3 seconds.

Smells Like Team Spirit: The only thing people should be smelling after you come back from the gym is your enthusiasm. I don't want to teach you to suck eggs but obviously before you even begin sorting out your face, make sure you've taken care of your body odors if yanno what I mean, and just to touch up? A little rollerball perfume ran behind the ears, on the collarbone, and lightly on each wrist (don't press them together - you'll smother the scent) is an insurance policy that you come up smelling of roses. Or, in my case, Zara Woman.

I hope you liked this little post - do you guys have a post-gym beauty routine? What products do you use to keep yourself feeling fresh-to-death?


  1. This is pretty interesting. I don't go to the gym, I prefer pool, but if I have to go somewhere right after, my routine is very similar to yours!

    x Giada | The Beauty Recensionist

    1. Oh I'd love to go to a pool if I had one nearby enough (or at work, can you imagine?!)... I grew up in Dubai so I love to swim! It's a pretty pared-down affair but it works to get me looking human again! Thanks for reading and commenting Giada T xx

  2. I always leave the gym looking like a beetroot. I swear! I inherited that lovely trait from my mum, and I go the same when it's too hot too. I used to swear by putting a heavy coverage foundation on over the top of the redness, but it's not the best for allowing your skin the breathing space afterwards. Chilling in the cool air helps, and does good things for your metabolism to boot.

    Kevyn Aucoin mascara. ♥

    Adrienne @ Late Night Nonsense | Bloglovin' | YouTube

    1. Yep, I will never be one of those girls who can take 'gym selfies' because I just look disgusting. Oh well! I've found one of the best ways to get rid of redness quickly is a cold compress or, weirdly, holding a cold metal spoon against red areas on your face - bizarre and definitely not something I carry in my gym bag, but all the same! I wonder if they could invent one of those cooling rollerball eye gels but for like, your entire face?

      TELL ME ABOUT IT. I have a feeling if/when we ever go to SpaceNK together, it will be a dangerous, dangerous thing. T xx


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