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The lovely peeps over at Wantable were lovely enough to send me a trial sample of their monthly subscription beauty box to celebrate their launching in the UK. This is my first ever dabble in the monthly subscription box arena, but I have to say, I was really impressed with Wantable's concept up front - they offer monthly subscriptions for a beauty, accessories and intimates edit, and their questionnaire and personalization process really attracted me. Their survey seemed to go very in-depth and was separated into 'Loves', 'Likes' and 'Dislikes' - your Dislikes would never be sent to you, and your Loves would be your most likely picks. To me, it sounded blissfully simple, and the perfect way to make sure nothing gets wasted! I also really liked that you can pick a 'one off' option with Wantable for £25, or take the monthly subscription option which evens out at around £23. Flexibility seems to be a major feature (and a major pro) with this brand!

I've included pictures and a brief summary of what I got in the box underneath the cut, but allow me to jump to... the exciting part. I filmed my very first video! I created a little 'Unboxing' of my initial reactions, which you can watch on my new -gulp- YouTube channel. I really hope you enjoy the video!


In my beauty box, I received ncLA Nail Lacquer in Buillion in a Bottle, DEX New York Lip Gloss in Central Park West, Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Undercover Lover, Glam Natural Cream Blush in Ashley, Ashley and Sorme Under Foundation Make-Up Enhancer.

I received a nice selection of products, and overall I was quite happy with the selection I got - I'm excited to start playing around with the make up. The only thing I'm dubious about is the texture of the cream blush and cream eyeshadow, which seem to be a little difficult to work with. I'll review them after a fair trial.

I'd be really interested to trial their accessories and intimates boxes, as I thought the survey process was really fun and made the whole experience quite exciting, even though I'm not always sure you get the picks you specify - as you'll see in the video, some of the 'Loves' picks listed on my print-out weren't the survey answers I gave! A similar thing happened to Adrienne, so it seems there can be the occasional hiccup.

All in all, I'd recommend it if you ever thought about getting a monthly subscription box - this really does seem to have taken personalization and customization to another level!

Have you guys got any monthly box subscriptions? Which ones catch your eye? Are you over the whole 'monthly beauty box' idea yet?


  1. So many quotable moment from this video, I loved it so much! You're a natural on camera, and I look forward to more videos. I hope we can do a few tags together in the future. :) xo

    Adrienne @ Late Night Nonsense | Bloglovin' | YouTube

    1. Yes yes yes! Filming together NEEDS to happen! T xx

  2. nomination for liebster award http://zoemountford.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/the-liebster-award.html

    1. Thank you so much Zoe, that's so sweet of you. T xx

  3. Great blog/vlog!
    Was exciting to see what goodies you received!
    I've never heard of these guys before but seems fun.
    I think i would like to try before i signed up though.
    Thanks for sharing !


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