I make no apologies - after the weather this weekend, I am READY for spring! The first signs of the season (other than daffodils peeping their heads up and the sun setting a little later) are usually a mass reshuffle of my make up stash. Tucked away go the berry lip stains and higher coverage bases, out come the glosses, shimmers and dewy finishes. I can't wait to get a little peppy colour back into my routine, and this selection is my predicted 'cream of the crop' for the next few months. Expect to see them crop up in many a 'Favourites' to come!

Diorskin Nude BB Cream is summer in a bottle. Everytime I wear this base I remember just how easy it is to live with - once applied, it barely feels like you have anything on. Perfected, dewy, healthy skin that wears well and goes on sheer enough to build where you need it. Love this!

Josie Maran Coconut Water Lip & Cheek Gelee - would you just LOOK at the COLOUR of the thing?! So vibrant! So coral-y red! So juicy! I've been waiting since I got this back in December to give this the run-around on sunnier days, and I can't wait to keep this on me as a multi-tasker for work and weekends.

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush is a colour not available to the UK (Sorry!), but I love its subtle shimmer for a 'pop' in the centre of the eyelids on a smoky or neutral eye look. Absolutely beautiful packed on with a flat, dense brush and, for a pressed pigment, relatively fuss free!

My love for Maybelline ColourSensational Lip Gloss in Glorious Grapefruit has been waxed lyrical about in this video but truly, these lip glosses are something else. Non-sticky, non-gloopy, high shine and subtly flavoured - this is lip gloss 2.0. Expect a post very soon dedicated to their glory.

The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy is something I'm SO delighted everyone in the UK can order from Sephora internationally now *cheers from the crowds*. This colour is beautiful and brings light, radiance and warmth to the face. Whilst the blushes are pigmented, they are packed together very densely, so a swirl of a fluffy powder brush seems to always be the perfect amount on the cheeks. Fab!

I hope you liked my spring beauty picks! What will you be rotating into your make up bags for the warmer months?


  1. Lovely picks - you are making me jealous for Spring as I live in Australia and am going into Autumn now! The cheek gelee just looks so juicy and gorgeous! I don't think those particular Maybelline glosses will be coming over to Aus which is a shame because they sound darn awesome!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Oh gosh, well you guys have all the beauty of Autumn coming! ;* Time to whip out the chocolate paint pots from MAC and berry lips! The Maybelline glosses are beautiful, it's a real shame you guys won't get them :( Come on a little shopping trip to the UK? ;* T xx

  2. I love the JM cheek gelees! I have the berry shade and I seriously want to get them in every color because they're so nice going on the cheek :)

    1. Oh goodness, I haven't even allowed myself to look at the other shades on the Sephora website, because I know I'll just order everything! Heavenly :) T xx

  3. I also love the DIOR BB :) its a great base

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  4. Great items. I need some new bits for Spring :)
    Adela x



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