So a little while back the beautiful LaaLaa of DolceVanity (proceed immediately if you're not a follower - she is GORG, hilarious, and on point with her make-up tutorials) tagged me in the Blogger Love tag post she did over on DV. Now, I love a little tag post I do, so after a little squeal of delight, I was set to planning my answers. Enjoy!

1. What was the first blog you ever came across? The first true blog I ever came across was some ancient thing probably hosted on Geocities, but if we're talking about nouvelle vague sophisticated beauty and fashion blogs, it was The Tea Drinking English Rose first, followed by A Beautiful Mess and later, what inspired me to hop into beauty, Fleur De Force.

2. Favourite blog reads. I hope y'all are ready cuz dis gon' take a while.

3. Best blogging friend? It is disgusting the amount of love I have for Adrienne from Late Night Nonsense.

4. Name a blog that enables your purchases. Miss Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeUp is responsible for about half my debit card bill.

5. Five blogs everyone should be reading. Brodie Jay, Bed In The Kitchen, Let It Be Cosy, Cece And Grace, Ellalogy

6. Your favourite way to read blogs? I use Bloglovin', on my iPad, preferably in bed in comfy clothes with a bit of trash TV on in the background. Anyone else find nothing more satisfying than doing loads of stuff at once? Like right now I'm writing a blogpost and watching a YouTube video. NBD.

7. Bloggers that inspire you. I think for obvious reasons Zoella is a British blogger & YouTuber that really inspires me and is an incredible success story for what this community can really be at its best.

8. Favourite blog design/look. I love the look of Soymilkblog and Liana Beauty as well. Simple, minimalist, functional, monochrome if possible!

9. What is your favourite thing about blogging? Definitely the community and I feel SO spurred on to give some love back after yesterday - I went to #OxMeet, a meet-up for Oxfordshire/surrounding area based bloggers yesterday (post coming soon!) and I LOVED every single girl I met. Seriously, we are a pretty awesome bunch, and I consider myself privileged to count myself amongst the amazing community of bloggers that I do.

10. Name a blogger you would love to see write a book in the future. Probably Zoella for reasons mentioned and Estee from Essiebutton because she's freaking hilarious!

I tag Ren, Brodie, Jaye, Cece, and Coco! And YOU! Link me up below to your posts!!


  1. Aw! I loved this! SO many new blogs to go and check out now!! Thanks for the post :)

    Rachel | AMomentInTime.


    p.s I know what you mean about multi-tasking...

  2. Need to check out some of these blogs now :)

  3. Thank you for mentioning me <3 I've got to do this tag, it's long overdue.

  4. Definitely going to check some of these blogs out! And I agree about ViviannaDoesMakeup! I always get things that she recommends haha

  5. I really enjoyed doing the tag and I love reading what other bloggers respond with too! xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  6. Thank you for the mention in this! I love your blog as well (:
    Lissa /


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