Aaah, the world of the beauty minature. Small but perfectly formed for us product junkies, these produce the 'taster hit' that gets you hooked onto the kind of lotions and potions that you might otherwise immediately dismiss because of the price tag. But in the words of Jessie J, it ain't about the cha-ching-cha-ching. It's about how bleedin' lush the darn things are. Here are some sneaky little numbers from my stash that I'm almost out of - and the big question is - will they make a reappearance? Read on...

This Works deep sleep pillow spray & stress less Let me just come right out and say it - these are lovely to use. And that's about as deep as it goes. The 'stress less' roller ball really does help with feelings of anxiety... for the 30 seconds it sticks around before it effervesces. I can't say that the pillow spray particularly made a difference to the quality of my sleep - let me break it down for you - you sleep better when you're on holiday/at the weekend because you aren't stressed. This spray did diddly to make me forget my work woes and drift off to the land of nod, but it was certainly a nice 'frou frou' step before bed. But a repurchase? At that price? Naaaaahhhh.

REN Gentle Cleansing Milk I didn't love this. I really wanted to. How lush does a 'cleansing milk' sound? But after using a balm cleanser, this didn't cut the mustard in terms of moisture for me. However, this might be an interesting one to revisit in the summer/on holiday when I want a lighter texture for my cleanse. Repurchase-wise, the jury is still out I'm afraid.

Eve Lom Balm Cleanser Speaking of lighter textures, this was SUCH a beautiful cleanser to use in the AMs before work. It feels a lot less heavy than my Emma Hardie, smells like a spa treatment and just feels nice on the skin, a little soothing treatment to prep and plump before fighting the elements. I loved this. And yes, I know, mineral oils, but what are you going to do, really? My skin seemed to love it. And if I earned more money/didn't already go through a £30-ish cleanser like it's going out of style, I'd happily repurchase this for a morning cleanse.

Origins Modern Friction Exfoliator The manual exfoliation step. So many opinions about this part of a skincare routine, but I personally kind of love it. I KNOW it's wrong. I know my skin doesn't need particles rubbin' all up on it. But I dig it. I really like this - it makes me feel like all the crap is being sloughed (albeit very gently with little soft rice-like particles) from the surface of my skin and I'm left feeling very plump and glowy after. Definite repurchase.

Caudelie Divine Oil Never has a product so aptly been named. This really is divine. It smells gorgeous, sort of sweet, vanilla-y baking smell, and this sinks into the skin beautifully and leaves it so smooth and supple I want to cry. I've been slathering this on post-shower to replenish the moisture in my skin after all that nasty hot water sucks it out, and I'm really going to miss this step until I gather the funds together to buy the full size. Which will be happening. Soon, my love. Soon.

So that's my breakdown - and it looks like my wallet could well be weeping with these verdicts! 

Have you all tried any of these? Did they work for you? What do you think about beauty minis? Waste of time and packaging or really useful for trying and testing?


  1. I love the deep sleep stuff from this works, I have the rollerball and the balm and I'm obsessed. I had the pillow spray but it's so pricey, I ended up getting the Body Shop spray instead, smells just as good and I got it on one of their 40% off days!
    I loved the REN Cleansing milk but the smell *shudders* far too natural smelling for me!
    I love minis, everything is so cute and appealing in mini form!
    Lovely post as always girl :) xxx

    1. Ooh that's good to know Jaye - thanks! I'll keep an eye out for the Body Shop spray! Yeah, can't say that the REN cleansing milk was my bag... Guh. :) Thanks for reading and commenting lovely! T xx

  2. I agree on the This Works Deep Sleep Spray – unfortunately I bought the full size before discovering this! Also got some Eve Lom samples lately that I've been loving but the price for the full size is just.. pfffff!!!

    Fab blog! Just discovered you through The Beauty Milk and I like what I see :) xx

    1. Aww thank you so much Hayley!! I'm glad I'm not alone being underwhelmed. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! T xx

  3. The Deep sleep spray seems a bit superfluous - it would be something that I would use and enjoy, but I did read a blog post that was a DIY using essential oils, so I'm going to try that out. Aah, you make the divine oil sound so lovely....very tempted!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. That sounds like a better idea Tasha! The Divine Oil is beautiful :x It's not TOO highly priced either, which is always good... I should shut up now, huh? T xx

  4. Replies
    1. I'd say get it in a tester/mini size before you commit to the full one, just to make sure it works for you!! T xx

  5. I like minis to try out products before purchasing the full size. I have been sucked in to the hype of many products and purchased the full size right away only to find it doesn't work for me. Make sure you don't get that scrub in your eyes! It is incredibly painful, so much so I gave up using it.

    Laura | Breton & Blush

  6. Do love those This Works minis. I've run out of all my trail size and I'm so tempted to invest in the full size, but I have the candle from the range to burn through first. I'm hoping it might help with keeping me asleep!

    And the Origins Modern Friction Exfoliator is another sample I have too and adore! I have a few scrubs that don't feel like they're doing anything as the beads are so small, but this has a bit of proper grit to it. I have to try and be gentle though or risk looking like a beetroot after, but it does leave my skin extra soft. xo

    Adrienne @ Late Night Nonsense | Bloglovin'

  7. Origins is my favorite brand :) Just love love it! Will try this one x

    -Chaitra | PinkPot

  8. I love mini versions of products! They make me smile, and I actually have a hope in hell of finishing them (makeup at least).

    Re: the Ren cleanser, I've used the gel version of that, and quite liked it! My favourite of that range is probably the Omega 3 serum/oil though.


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