Am I allowed to get excited for summer yet, because it's already happening. Yes, the weather in England right now is being a hater (srsly May, what is up with all the gale force winds and rain?!), but I'm not letting that kill my vibe. I know the sunscreen and ice lolly days are around the corner, and I'm prepping my pasty little sun-craving body in sheer protest until those times arrive. Let's break it down.

Pins - No one wants flaky, pasty legs, do they? And whilst I'm not a member of the fake tan club (yet - I'm a little terrified?! Where do I start?!), I am always in favour of a good scrub, some smoothing and a little healthy looking sheen on my pegs. I've been loving the work of the St Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub* for getting my skin silky smooth again and restoring my legs to a dress-appropriate state. This is formulated for sensitive skin, which my areas of eczema on my legs (behind the knees, I'm looking at you) are particularly grateful for. This doesn't go hard on the skin at all and buffs away the flaky bits without leaving you feeling tender at all. Winner.

Shave-ready, I go in with the Wilkinson Sword HydroSilk Travel Razor* which really steps up the travel razor game. Venus razors to one side girls - this guy has a built in moisturizing serum in the razor, and comes with a nifty little travel case that surrounds the blades so you don't cut yourself reaching into your toiletries bag (yes. I have done this before.). It's also on half price at Boots. DON'T WALK, RUN.

I follow that up with The Body Shop Satsuma Body Puree* which is like a little cuddle for my skin and smells amazing. The fresh, citrusy scent will have you bouncing along all day long and feeling summery from the second you smooth it on. It also nourishes the skin in that way that only Body Shop products do. Big love.
Skin - The Vitamin E Moisture Cream* from The Body Shop is light, hydrating and has been such a nice option to switch into my skincare routine as the weather has been getting *slightly* warmer. I don't really need the heavy facial moisturisers that I was using in winter, and I've really enjoyed tagging in this moisturiser in their place.

Pits - Let's face it. Ain't nobody want a sweaty Betty situation, and in the summer months, we are more prone to it. WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THESE SITUATIONS LADIES. Remember how awful B.O. emerging smells were from our male teenage companions in high school? Yeah. Nobody wants to be that dude at the office. So I've been keeping things fresh with the Impulse Be Surprised* fragrance, which combines violets and red fruits. It smells freaking delicious and lingers really delicately throughout the day, keeping you fresh but not in a 13-year-old-deodorant-pungency way. It's a fine line we must all tread, girlies.

Are you guys prepping for summer yet? Or going on holiday somewhere warm? How do you get summer ready?

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