It's video Friday again guys! This week I'm bringing you some 'What's in my handbag?' goodness so you can all get your nosey on! So go ahead and give the video a little watch below - remember to click through and subscribe to my videos on YouTube if you like them - you'll get videos before they are published to the blog in your sub boxes! Fun times!

As always I really hope you enjoy this one guys and have a beautiful, restful weekend. And I super doubly double promise I wasn't drunk when I filmed this. Or now. LATERS.



  1. I love 'what's in my bag' videos, I'm such a nosey person! But yes, you are so not alone! I love making lists!!!! There is just something so satisfying about writing things down and I swear I get more done when I do! You can never have too many lip products in your hand bag ;) aha

    Chantalle x

    1. Thanks so much for watching Chantalle! I am a firm believer that you can never have too many lip products in general ;) T xx


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