Guy on the phone, outside a Chipotle, sounding alarmingly like Robert Di Niro: "You want me to drop everything I'm f*&^ing doin', so I can come pick you up, and run you 'round? F*&^ YOU, man!"

UPS guy, on a payphone, on the Upper East Side: "Mmhm I'm fit to burst! I picked up EIGHT light fixtures today. I'm done. I am fit. To. Burst."

Actual fight between two total strangers (one was on a bike, so there was a time limit to this war of words) outside Grand Central station: "You calling me a skinny ass?! F&*^ you! You're a dumb f^$*"
"Yeah you're a dumb f&*^ing skinny ass, get the f&*^ out of the road."

Man with a trolley (grocery cart?) full of aluminium cans, on the Upper East Side, to me: "Well hey there, pretty young thang. How you doin' with yo sexy self." I almost burst out laughing.

Times Square dude, to James and I: "Where y'all from? You're not American." "England." "Ohhh, that's why you so royal."

A hotdog vendor, as a flock of pigeons suddenly flew off into the sky, Times Square: "Hoo-hoo! That's right. Pigeon city!"

Young man to his sister at a sunglasses cart at a street market: "Oooh-whee. It is hot. Up. In. Here." 

Angry New Yorker crossing the street, to a car making a turn while the green man was lit up: "AY. Wait ya f*&^in' turn!"

Drunk douchebag Yankees fan, who later got kicked out of Yankee Stadium: "LET'S HEAR IT: DE-REK. JE-TER. What the f^&* is wrong with all of you?! DEEEE-REK. JEEEEEEEEE-TER."

There is no way I could possibly sum up the 7 incredible days I spent in New York City with my own words. So here are some straight from the source. It isn't always obvious WHY I love this city so much but to me, it's these tiny moments that you hear and steal from other people that really make NYC what it is.


  1. Haha! this is incredible! "That's why you so royal" I can't deal with this! xx

    Daphne | subgenre of a dream | bloglovin

  2. This was a great read! Feeling lots of New York spirit!

  3. HAHA. That sounds about right. I moved to New York City from the southern US a year ago, and I'm always amazed at what I hear on any given day on the street! I kind of hope I never get used to it. :)

    Melissa | M is for Melissa

  4. Hahaha I loved this! Almost like I was back there. That's why you so royal~

  5. Super jealous! We were planning on a trip to New York in October, but we've renovated our kitchen and need to do the bathroom this summer - doesn't leave much cash for a big holiday. Next year I hope! Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

  6. This made me laugh so much! I love New York so much the people are hilarious :D xx

  7. This is such a great post, love it! Feels just like New York ahaha

    Chantalle x

  8. I'm only hoping some day you'll turn around, cause I'd be shining and then you'll see - who could love you more than me?


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