Oh you'd best believe it's that time again! I promised you a high-end beauty haul last week and here it is - my Sephora splurge that led to much panic-buying and a lot of flustered heart eyes all over New York. I might have shouted  "MAMA'S COMING FOR YOU" at a couple of the stores we passed along our travels. Perfectly normal behavior, right? Either way, here is the vid, and I really hope you guys enjoy it! You can start placing your bets as to how long I hold out until I get a little spendy at the online store... Now.


  1. HAHA get it gurl! Nab a Kanye of your own!
    I'm really impressed with the Formula X polishes too. Granted, I don't wear polishes too often, but the formula for those things are like, top notch insane.

  2. I would imagine if I was ever was allowed to set foot in Sephora I would not hold back, don't think I would even be able to deal and probs have a mental breakdown and end up buying nothing or just completely random things ahaha! Loving everything that you've purchased, especially them lip products! So excited to hear your reviews on them. That nail varnish is so gorgeous too!

    Chantalle x


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