As I mentioned this time last week, I'm taking on a new shade of lipstick every day for the month of July, and my babein' friend Jaye is doing the same. Check out her Week 2 post here. It seems too rarely we actually get to exploit the full lengths of our stores as beauty bloggers, so I thought why not push my own boundaries a little? LET'S GET IT GOIN'.

So Week Two really did start to feel like a challenge, not just from a 'CBA' point of view, but I seemed to lose all ability to take a selfie (presuming I ever had any in the first place) and my lips actually started feeling the effects of so many different lip products and formulas. But we'll get to that. Let's run down the lip roster...

July 8th: And the introduction of the first of my birthday purchases, Notting Hill Nude by Rimmel London. Look at that colour you guys. This is SUCH a flattering nude, the formulation is beautifully moisturising and creamy and I can't really see this not suiting many people. I have to be quite careful with nudes as I have a weird yellow-y undertone to my skin (thanks Arabic genes!), but the way this colour looked just made me want to shimmy around and pout and stuff.
July 9th: My Neon Baby Lips had been staring at me too long, so on this day I picked up Strike a Rose and I was excited to give it a try out... To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the colour pay-off. I was expecting something a little more WOW. It's flattering enough but it just makes my lips look a little glazed. Barely any colour at all, and definitely not what I would call 'Electro'. Meh.
July 10th: The second birthday purchase from Rimmel and it's In Love With Ginger... and I TOTALLY am. This is one of the most wearable tomato red/oranges I have ever come across - makes the whites of your teeth and eyes look whiter, your complexion look warmer and generally you just look more awesome. Unfortunately the only thing that let this down was the wear time, but I'm willing to forgive it because it was my own damn fault for not carrying this lipstick into work with me. Such a rookie move.
July 11th: Sometimes I just want to get down with a lip product that I know will flatter me, takes minimal brain power and just works. Macaroon from the Revlon Lip Butters line is that to me. Always looks so sophisticated and pretty, whatever you're wearing. Such a nice shade with a hint of shimmer to make dem lips look super juicy. YES.
July 12th: I don't have enough space/time to write the SONNET that this lip product deserves. The lighting in this photo doesn't even do it justice. I feel like this needs no introduction, so on this day I wore the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Ole Flamingo! and hot. DAYUM. does this shit stick around. I wore this, no joke, from 8AM to 1AM the. next. day. with one reapplication. ONE. AND I WAS ON THE TUBE, and in London, and eating birthday cakes and tapas and God knows what else. ONE REAPPLICATION. THIS STUFF IS INSANE. I'll do a full review super soon but I am SO IN LOVE. Runs out to buy more.
July 13th: This colour is so fun. This is one of the Revlon Colourburst Matte Balms and I love these as well. These guys are more drying than the Bourjois, but I'm willing to brave it because *touch wood* in general my lips are quite flake free and these colours are BA-BOW. Case in point - this shade, which is Audacious. Yeahhhh, this is my summer jam.
July 14th: Aaaand after all the matte action, my lips desperately needed a 'down time day', so I plumped for the Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. I love these for their balm-like properties and colour range - let me be clear, I don't think they're necessarily the best thing you can give dry lips, but they help out and still look like you worked out a colour choice.

I hope you guys are enjoying this challenge still! Make sure to check back for Week 3 next Wednesday!

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  1. I should probably do this seeing as I have an obscene amount of lipsticks! You've got some great colours there! Can't wait to see more
    Nina from little nomad


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