You guys might remember the 'How Do I...?' series on TGG but, just in case you don't, let me get you up to speed. These posts are simple quick beauty hacks, giving you the need-to-know on the best products I've found for the job at hand. I've filled you in on beauty oils and getting summer ready so far, but the order of the day is summer hair. You know the one - 'I woke up like dis', undone, sexy surfer waves with that lived-in boho texture we all crave. So for those of us who weren't born Miranda Kerr or Candice Swanepoel, I invite you all to take note...

Here it is - I know Oribe is extortion. I'm well aware how completely ridiculous it is to pay £19 for a travel sized bottle of glorified dry shampoo. I didn't want to love it... But I love it. You can see the Dry Texturising Spray in action here, but let me sum it up for you - this gives your hair volume, lift, texture and grit, but not in a 'you-haven't-watched-your-hair' way, in a 'have-you-just-seen-a-stylist?' way. The smell is gorgeous, it's weightless, spray on to roots, muss around and enjoy your perfectly Cara Delevigne bedhead.

Dampen hair. Spritz Bumble and bumble Surf Spray throughout lengths and at the root of your hair. Scrunch/muss liberally to work through the hair from root to tip. Dry hair with hairdryer. Admire results. I wish I could make it sound more complicated, but I am so lazy with my hair, and this product just does all the work for me. Instant love. The smell is gorgeous. I love the piece-y texture it gives and how relaxed the waves in my hair are after use of this. Another favourite way to use this one - spray into just-washed hair, plait said hair into two braids and sleep in them. You literally did wake up like dis.

Flyaways, frizz and static
No one ever wants to talk about this, do they? Let's be real. My hair gets frizzy in hot, humid weather. And not in a cute, natural and youthful way. This is just a poodle like pouffe, right on top of my head. I tame these little ones with my Percy and Reed Volumising No Oil Oil (longest name ever). My bottle does say 'for fine hair' but I have thicker hair and it's absolutely fine on me, I just use it sensibly (i.e. don't smear loads on) and only where I need it. I also like to smooth this over milkmaid braids or slick it over the crown of my head if I'm wearing a high pony - it's really versatile for styling with and gives your hair a very nourished and healthy look. This definitely feels more on the liquid side of oils and it never really makes my hair greasy. Really impressed with the quality of this stuff.

Despite getting beach-babe locks us mere mortals could only dream of with their help, the constant use of a ton of hair product can really take it out on your hair. I know my scalp tends to dry right out and flake (noice) if I overuse any of the above and forget to compensate with some extra moisture - enter the Living Proof Restore hair mask treatment. I loved the smell, texture and application of this product, and that there wasn't a ton of steps involved - smooth through the lengths and at the roots of wet/damp hair, then wash off after 10-15 minutes after. I used this after a bath and was a little skeptical as to how much of a difference it could make, but oh my god. My hair was so silky and soft after using this that I couldn't stop running my fingers through it the next day. It was probably a little annoying. My hair also just looked healthier and shinier. As someone who's usually quite paranoid about the health of her hair, this product made me so happy, and I couldn't recommend it highly enough to anyone with dry or damaged hair. 

What are your summer hair heroes? What products should I try next?

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