I've lived in Oxford for almost a year now, and yet I feel like I've barely had the chance to show you guys what I love the most about my new hometown. This little corner of the South West is an absolutely beautiful place to live and whilst we've had a few struggles to deal with since moving here, nothing should detract from all of the amazing things there are to do around town. I'm going to start making more of a conscious effort to showcase my life and my neighborhood on the blog for you all, so hopefully you'll enjoy these snippets of my locale!

Last Tuesday, my man and I decided to have a little date night, by visiting one of our 'we have to go there!' places in our neighborhood of Jericho for the first time. The Phoenix Picturehouse is the kind of cinema I hope will survive this evermore digital and social age of ours, because it harks back to what cinema is all about. The venue is a two-screen, intimate little indie, art-house place, complete with rooftop bar and retro-style refreshments booth (see the picture of my Beardy, above, loading up on popcorn!). The Phoenix actually still does mix-ins with popcorn - remember those? You can get actual MnM's in your popcorn without having to do the manual labour yourself, okay. That is the kinda thing you CHERISH.

Aside from being quaint and throwback, there's something really inclusive about this place. In our showing of 'Jersey Boys', the age range spanned about 18 to (no joke) around 70. It was really sweet to see people come together in that way, and the intimate sizing of the screening rooms meant that you got that 'audience' feeling - you know, back in the days when everyone laughed and gasped and cried together at the movies? Yeah. That's the one.

We're also talking some comfy. seats. at the Phoenix. This movie was long (I appreciate the genius that is Clint Eastwood but hot damn he could have shaved some time off this one), but I didn't get the usual inevitable backache, oh-god-this-is-how-old-I-am pain like I do in Odeon seats. These kind of feel like Premier - but everyone gets them, and you don't have to pay £ridiculous to upgrade.

As for the movie? It was good, although I'd say the pacing was a little odd, and you can really tell this is a stage show - I'm not sure the silver screen format works for this. But the talent on screen was incredible, the acting was spot on and the music was amazing - I defy anyone to go see this and not have 'Big Girls Don't Cry' in their head for days. Spotify playlist 4evs.

The Phoenix reminds me of what cinema should be - an experience, an event, something you share with people, rather than just an isolated experience that you may as well have stayed at home for. I really recommend this cinema if you ever find yourself in Jericho and please support your local Picturehouses if you live in the UK - these really are so important, not just for film and cinema as a whole but for independent film-makers, for our foreign film culture and for increasing the accessibility of great theatre and art too.

Have you ever visited a Picturehouse? Would you like to see more of these kinds of posts on my blog?

*This post was written in conjunction with Goodman UK as part of A Goodman's Guide to Oxford, who contacted me and asked if I would like to be a part of their project. I visited the Phoenix Picturehouse as their guest, but all opinions are my own.

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