One of my closest friends has just jetted off on her jollies to Hawaii (jealous, moi?) and her wanderlusting adventures got me thinking about my own holiday experiences. With that, of course, came the inevitable imaginary beauty checklist (does anyone else do this?) and I figured, why not do a little summer edit in the form of holiday make up bags? Wonderful. We're all on the same page.

Beach holidays mean one thing - melt-proof. Humidity + heat + sweating + balmy night air = perfect recipe for slip-sliding make up, as every photo of me out and about in my hometown of Dubai will attest. You'd think that I would have come up with some kind of recipe for that, but really? My attitude was just 'sod the make up, I'll be a red faced sweaty mess 24/7'. Flossy flossy.

Having gotten older, wiser, and more familiar with the wonders of the make-up world, I feel like this little stash would see me well, even in the 88% humidity of Dubai summers (yes, you read that correctly). I'm not really a powder-everything girl, even in summer, so I kept bases as basic as I could - a little Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser with SPF20 in the shade Nude, applied with fingers, paired with my beloved Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla is about as much work as I'm prepared to do in the heat.

As far as further groundwork, I don't know that I'd use the pencil side of the Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunette, but I'd definitely keep the tinted gel on hand to tame those beasts. This stuff sets, but not in a crazy way, just in an 'I'm not going anywhere in the heat' way. Splendid.

Now the jazzy part - fuss and thought-free awesome make up. Eyes, which are usually the bane of my existence, are taken care of by the geniuses that are the Milani ShadowEyez in Champagne Toast, Sand Dunes and Golden Bronze. These are the most buttery-creamy, pigmented formula and take every bit of hard work out of giving yourself a sexy, smudged out eye. They also don't budge or crease once they've set, so work fast and with a light hand! Stepping up to the plate (again) is the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolour Cheek Gelee (seriously?!) in Poppy Paradise for the perfect natural flush that you can literally 'paint' on. I can't say enough good things about this stuff, so I'll just link you here.

The Revlon ColourStay Matte Balms in Audacious and Unapologetic are just. Mmf. This release as a whole was a revelation and the formula is beyond. So creamy and easy to put on, the pencil shape makes it super easy to get clean lines and these won't be smudging or going places if you give them time to set. 

Also, because toes in flip flops without a bright colour being painted on them should be illegal, I've included my favourite summer bright, Essie Style Hunter. This is a big, bold, super glossy raspberry red in one coat, and make no mistakes, it is a bossy colour. In a good way. This looks chic, fun and flirty and would be the one poolside, trust me.

Are any of you planning on going on a beach holiday this year? Please let me live vicariously through you!


  1. I love seeing what people wear in the Summer! I have to try that Laura Mercier tinted moisturised, I still have not found one I like yet! The Revlon ColourStay Matte Balms are a must!

    The Sunday Chapter xxx

  2. Lovely Summer bag picks! I absolutely adore the Matte Balms, those two shades are perf for Summer! I've been hearing pretty good things about the Brow Fantasy, I might have to check it out!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. These sound like perfect pool-side companions! I really love the Revlon matte balms too!

    Latasha xx | Today I Adore

  4. The matte balms look like amazing summery colours! <3

    Jennie xo |


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