Permit me to be an unashamed enabler, just for today. Because what the beauty world has in store for our A/W 2014 is pretty srs bznz and I need to share with all of you, okay? Because we're all friends here. All really messed up friends.

NARS Audacious Lipstick Collection: Due September 2014. How do I put into words my feelings about these colours. Proceed directly to this incredible Temptalia post, but be sure to take a notepad and pen along for the ride. I have no words, other than hello Juliette, Anita and Raquel. Welcome to my MUJI. This is the stuff of make-up hoarders DREAMS - the formula looks super creamy and pigmented and the colour range is - well, it's NARS. Need I say any more? This is like the NARS answer to MAC's lipstick arsenal. And what a face-off this is going to be. I'm totally along for this ride. Oh, and for this? You can blame Miss Jaye. Why we started What'sApping each other in the first place, I'll never know. Recipe for disaster.

Urban Decay NAKED 2 Basics: Due on Urban Decay's website from August 19. I have so much love for Urban Decay eyeshadows. Buttery, super-pigmented, and who doesn't love the whole set of Naked products, with their sleek packaging and hard-to-resist almost neutrals-but-not. My love for the Naked Basics palette is oft-professed, and I still rate 'Faint' as one of the best matte shades for filling in eyebrows ever. The shades in this new palette are more olive and taupey tones, perfect for the 90s revival that's still going strong into autumn/winter. I love.

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collection: Due in the UK in September. This collection has already dropped in the US (cue me sobbing my eye out on the Sephora website, damn you shipping regulations), and it's perfect. For all of us girls who have ever wanted the 'Mia Wallace red lip', there's your soulmate right there. I'm not sure how I feel about the release of the nail varnish when it's well known that the shade Uma wore was Chanel's Rouge Noir (my first ever high-end nail varnish!), but that palette and the lip make up for it. And that packaging? Forget about it. So much want.

MAC x Brooke Shields: October/November release date. What a babein' collab. Giving that the late 80s/early 90s is having a MASSIVE renaissance right now, the original bold brow herself, Ms. Brooke Shields, has come to remind a certain Delevingne who got there first. I'm not gonna lie, I'm unsure about some of the choices here (top row of that palette = YES, second two = whaa?!), but that packaging is sleek, minimalist and to die for. That orange square design? I applaud you. But can someone please tell MAC to stop making these eyeshadows in the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick type deal? IT'S SO HARD TO WORK A MAC 217 INTO, OKAY?! #beautybloggerproblems

Do any of these releases catch your eye? What are you most excited about for this A/W season in beauty?


  1. I really can't wait for basics 2 I don't understand why more people don't use faint as a brow shade it's amazing!

  2. Gahh I'm not a red lip or nail kind of gal but I want those Pulp Fiction products JUST BECAUSE. Such a cool concept!

    I am ALL OVER that Brooke Shields collection. How much more gorgeous can you get...? I hope it's released at a similar time in Australia!

    Brodie Jay


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