About this weekend...

Does anyone stress about what to call posts as much as I do? This went from 'The Guilty Splurge' to 'The Guilt-Free Splurge' to 'Un P'tit Haul' to what it stands at now... And knowing me I'll probably want to change it about three more times. It's called a petite haul because that's exactly what it is, I'm not trying to get fancy on ya. It's almost 8 on a Sunday night and I'm fresh out of euphemisms. This weekend, the beautiful Jaye and I finally met, and a little baby Bicester Shopping Village haul might have happened.

I feel the need to say at this point, a magical Sephora hasn't opened in Bicester, don't get your hopes up - Jaye was a total babe and picked up some 'help I have New York withdrawals' items up for me. She's a keeper. I FINALLY got my greedy little paws on the Elizabeth and James Nirvana White rollerball that I had to leave at checkout in NYC after being ten dollars short (I might have sobbed about it in the cab to the airport). Jaye and I were both rollerball-ing this around like it was going out of style all day Saturday. Post incoming!

I also went for two shades from the Formula X range - Continuum and Unstoppable - a bubblegum pink and bright cornflower blue. I have no words to describe exactly how much I love this stuff. I'm wearing Continuum on my nails right now on Day 3 of wear, and it still looks pristine. I've been known to wear Formula X shades for up to 7 days with nothing but minimal tip wear. Incredible. Whatever is in it is magic.

Now, let's talk about Kate Spade. I hadn't ever discovered the Kate Spade outlet at Bicester until Jaye half-guided, half-dragged me there on Saturday. And oh sweet lord. It's dangerous. I spent so many minutes making 'omg prettyyyyy' sounds and heart eyes at things, but when I saw this Rose Gold Bow Ring, I knew it had to be mine. I made a bee-line for it, swiped it, and asked for it to be held behind the till, so serious was my intent. A quick peruse of the phone covers and another quick choice, and I was done. I settled on the Exclamation Point Phone Case because a) adorable and also b) I wanted something I felt like nobody had. I also wanted something that wouldn't go out of season, and you can't go wrong with a bit of monochrome...

My last target was a hanging toiletries organizer from Cath Kidston, which was snipped up for a bargainous £14. £14!!! I've seen them for that much in Primark! Quickest decision of the day and one of my most sensible. But it's fun to be a little bit not-sensible from time to time, isn't it?

Did you guys enjoy this 'petite' haul? Do you prefer small updates like these, or longer hauls? What have you guys been splurging on recently?


  1. Nice findings!!!


  2. I think petite hauls are the way to go for blog posts - it's easier to write about a handful of products than like twenty. I'm trying to do the same with my blog too - but sometimes I end up having super long posts with like 10 or so items.
    Definitely want to try out the Formula X polishes - I've heard so many good things about them. Problem is what shade? They have such a huge collection.
    Lately I've been buying quite a bit of blush - I picked up a new NARS one and the Bobbi Brown pot rouge!

    kat x
    beauty, style, life || bespectacled

  3. Definitely - petite hauls trump big big hauls all the time (I'm guilty of this!) It just breaks things up so much nicer, and shows that you have the *right* priorities in life haha :P (I'm obviously very guilty of this!)

    Stephanie @ theFantasia.com


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